Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Morning (Night) Disc Golf at Rutgers with Przemek, Sergii, Piotr, and Gina

Przemek (Poland), Cubby (USA), Sergii (Ukraine), Piotr (Poland), Georgina (Hungary)

Headed up to Rutgers Disc Golf Course after work for some Night Disc Golf on Friday morning. We arrived at the course at 2:45AM. 4 of my European University Students joined me for 3 rounds.

Piotr Swinarski a first time Disc Golfer takes a shot on Hole 13.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wednesday Disc Golf at Tinicum with Don and Ken

Cubby, Ken, and Don.

Headed to Tinicum Disc Golf course in Pennsylvania to throw a round with Don and Ken. I arrived at the course at 6:30 PM. Don brought an old Innova Practice Target for the Photo Op.

Cubby's Putter in the canal.

As we were walking up to the Innova Target to take the customary photo, I took a long putt at it that sailed into the old coal barge canal. Luckily the water level was low and it landed in a spot where we could see it. With some help from Don, I navigated the steep decline down the bank of the canal and used a really long tree branch to recover my Putter. That was a close call. Sorry Big John I still have the Putter :)

Scores for the round: Don shot a 58, Cubby a 60, and Ken a 61.

On the way home I got a call from my youngest daughter at "The College of New Jersey". She was telling me that someone in school was asking if she knew about Disc Golf and she replied that her her Dad plays. Just so happens the individual asking her about Disc Golf follows the Blog. So I want to say hi to Kyle and friends and to let them know that it would be a pleasure to throw some rounds with them soon. Thanks for checking out the blog.

Wednesday Morning (Night) Disc Golf at Rutgers and 2 Aces

Headed up to Rutgers Disc Golf Course after work. Got about half way there and I realized that I left my wallet at work so I went back for the wallet and then continued on to Rutgers. It was a nice night with temps in the mid 60's. I got my 226th and 227th Aces. I am going to get some sleep now and probably head back out to play in the afternoon/evening.

Cubby's 226th Ace Photo.

Cubby's 227th Ace Photo.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monday Night / Tuesday Morning Disc Golf at Rutgers with Chris and Dennis

After work I headed to Trenton to help my youngest resolve some issues with her move back to College getting her computer outfitted with a wireless card and getting some things done for her at the house she is renting this year. After leaving Trenton, I headed to Rutgers for some Disc Golf.

Chris, Cubby, and Dennis

After a round as I was teeing off on Hole 8, I was approached by an individual saying "Cubby is that you?". It was a fellow Disc Golfer, Dennis. He has checked out the Blog and told me that he and his friend Chris talked yesterday about maybe running into me one night on the course. Dennis recently played in his first Disc Golf Tournament the 2007 Jersey Jam. He let me know that his friend Chris was on the way to the course.

After Chris arrived he showed us a picture of himself on Hole 1 Tee at Rutgers in the 70's before the baskets were installed, when the course was an object course. Chris had a super large Afro and I hope he can get me the picture to post on the blog.

We played 2 rounds and I had a blast throwing with Chris and Dennis. It really was cool getting to meet and enjoy Disc golf with others that have followed the Blog. I am really looking forward to throwing some rounds with Chris and Dennis again soon.

BTW, Dennis is running for the US Senate as a write in candidate for New Jersey. If elected he will appoint me to some sort of Disc Golf Advisory Position. He's got my vote! If I get any info on his campaign I will post it in the link section.

Here is a picture of Dennis putting on Hole 12's basket. It was dark and I had to use some photo software to over expose the picture. You can see the disc by the green light streak in the picture. Dennis made the Putt.

Thanks to Chris and Dennis for a very fun couple of rounds of Disc Golf. Welcome to Cubby's Disc Golf World my friends!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Morning (Night) Disc Golf at Rutgers with a Skunk, 2 Rabbits, a Opossum and Ace 225.

Headed up to Rutgers Disc Golf Course after work on Saturday. Got to the course at 2:30 AM. The course was crowded for that time of day as I saw a Skunk, 2 Rabbits and a Opossum. I also got my 225th Ace. I played until 5 AM after seeing lightning in the sky. Cubby plays in all weather conditions except lightning. You never know when someone in the clouds is going to Ace :)

Cubby's 225th Ace Photo.

The Skunk (I got really close to this one).

Two Rabbits.

The Opossum.

Time to sleep I have to work today.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Morning (Night) Disc Golf

Headed up to Rutgers Disc Golf Course after work on Thursday for some rounds of Disc Golf. I got to the course at 2:30AM. I saw one of the course skunks between Hole 8 and 9.

One of the course Skunks.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wednesday Evening Disc Golf at Tyler State Park Disc Golf Course

Cubby, Tony, Dave and Tom

Headed to Tyler State Park Disc Golf Course in Newtown, PA for a round of Disc Golf in the BCDGA Summer League. Here is my foursome behind the tee on Hole 20. Thanks to Eric S. for taking the photo. It was a fun round and everyone in the foursome played well except for me. I was definately out of sync. My timing was off and I hit lots of trees and missed lots of putts. I did have 3 nice Ace runs and a long putt though.

Here is Tony on Hole 18.

Here is Tom on Hole 18.

Here is Dave on Hole 18. In the right corner of the photo you can see a picture of Dave getting ready to take his second shot with Deer in the background.

Here is a Ground Hog that was not looking too good. We believe the animal might have been injured and was just resting, that or it just wanted to be on the blog.

Wednesday Disc Golf at 2:15 AM in the Rain and Mud

Headed up to Rutgers Disc Golf Course for some Night Disc Golf in the rain after work on Tuesday. It has been raining for the last two days and the Temp at the course was 57 degrees (It's August, what happened to Global Warming?) so I had on a long sleeve Disc Golf teeshirt and light weight sweat pants to play in the cool rain. The course was muddy as well. Took some video of getting ready to play and limited video on the course due to the rain. I got my 224th Ace on Hole 12.

Night Disc Golf Video .

Cubby's 224th Ace photo.

The course is wet and muddy.

After the round I headed home for some sleep. I am hoping to get out again today and play some more Disc golf.

BTW, Congrats to Dakota on getting his 3rd Ace!!!! Thanks for the E-mail my friend.

Sounds like a great place to eat. I got this pic from Miguel's Blog. You can find his blog in my links section on the upper right hand side of my blog. Thanks Miguel

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Ring Of Fire

The Ring of Fire Video

Here is a video a fellow Disc Golfer posted on YOUTUBE. It was the "ring of fire" event after the the second round of the 2007 Jersey Jam Disc Golf Tournament (Am Day Saturday). My blog entry of last Saturday refers. BTW, The basket we were throwing at in the video, I won during the CTP contest and it is now in my yard :) Miguel is the player walking to the basket in the center of the screen with the blue shirt. Cubby is the player in the black hat and white shirt exiting the video to the right side at 27 seconds left in the video.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday Disc Golf at Rutgers with Big John, Don, and Miguel

Headed up to Rutgers after lunch to throw some rounds with Big John and Don.

Miguel joined us later for more rounds. After Miguel left we continued to play and after Big John left Don and I got in one more round and a couple of putting games. It was a fun day.

Cubby on Hole 9 Tee.

On the way home I got a call from our friend Jason from Dekalb, IL. He got his 6th Ace today. Congrats Jason!!!!

Tuesday Night Disc Golf at Rutgers and a Lefty Skip Ace

Leaving New York over the George Washington Bridge heading to Jersey.

After a long day in New York City attending a trade show, I headed back to Jersey making my way slowly through traffic. I arrived at Rutgers after the Tuesday Doubles was over and got to chat with BOB and Scot W. as they were about to leave the course.

I got my 223 Ace. A nice Lefty Skip Ace :) (155th Rutgers Ace, 45th Skip Ace, 12th Lefty Ace, 4th Lefty Skip Ace) But who's counting :)

Cubby's 223rd Ace Photo.

Hey look Mom, I made it in the Blog again!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Rob vists Cubby at the Boardwalk to present the 2007 Bunker Hill Disc Golf Summer Series Champion Tag

Cubby with the Tag.

Rob came down to the Jersey Shore to visit Cubby at work to present him with the 2007 Bunker Hill Summer Series Champion Bag Tag. You can refer to the August 2nd Blog entry for details on that event.

Here is Rob and his son Chris striking a combative pose.

Thanks to Rob for bringing me the tag. Rob and Chris will fly to Germany on Tuesday. I will be in New York City on Tuesday attending the New York International Gift Fair and maybe some Disc Golf on the way home that night. My day off on Wednesday will be spent Disc Golfing (Imagine that). Not sure where I am playing. Big John will be available for some Disc Golf at Noon and Miguel also expressed some interest in playing.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Saturday at the 2007 Jersey Jam Disc Golf Tournament

Headed up to Rutgers on Saturday to compete in the 2007 Jersey Jam. Saturday was for AMS and Sunday for the PROS. There were 70 AMs in attendance on Saturday. During this event the Rutgers course is modified cutting out some holes and making some existing ones play long and additional holes are added around the pond and in the field.

Josh, Matt H., Cubby, and Big John

Here is the group I threw with during the first round of the event.

During the first round, I shot the the low round of everyone playing with a score of 56 (Who says Cubby can only play from the short tees).

After the first round we all enjoyed burgers and hot dogs. We also threw qualifying throws for a CTP prize of a DGA M-14 Disc Golf Target.

Cubby, Dave M., Tim F., and Tim G.

Here is the group I threw with during the second round of the event.

During the second round Kevin M. from Disc Golf Monthly TV followed our group around for half the round and he caught some of our group throwing some cool shots.

My second round was off the mark as I went out of bounds too many times and Dave M. threw a 54. My score was a 63 landing me tied for second place in the Advanced Masters Division with Tim G. Congrats to Dave M for winning the division.

After the second round of the event it was off to the finals for the CTP to win the M-14. Cubby wins the target :)

Here is a picture of Cubby's new M-14.

It was a great event and I want to thank all the NJ Disc Devils and all of the other volutnteers for making it a memorable day. It was also great to see lots of my Disc Golf friends at the event. Thanks to some of my friends for hooking me up with some new Champion Firebirds!

Congrats to Miguel for winning the Advanced Grandmasters Division in a playoff. (An administrative error during the event put Big John in the wrong division or he would have also been in the playoff for that division).

After the event I headed to work for a busy night at the Boardwalk.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Disc Golf at Rutgers, a Disc Golf road trip with Karl on a long, hot, and humid day and two Skip Aces, and Barry Bonds hits Home Run number 756

After work on Tuesday I headed up to Rutgers for some Disc Golf before heading to Karl's on Wednesday morning for a Disc Golf road trip to Pennsylvania to play 6 courses that we had never played before. It was very hot and humid. I got my 221st Ace. I left the course at 2:30AM due to the rain.

A squirrel sleeping on the course, not looking too good though.

Cubby's 221st Ace Photo.

I drove up to Basking Ridge and parked the car in a shopping center and rode out the storm that rolled in as I was leaving Rutgers. It was full of lightning, wind, and rain. An F2 Tornado from this storm hit New York City. At 4:30AM, I headed to Karl's house and we departed on our road trip to play 6 courses in Pennsylvania. We stopped at a diner for breakfast in western New Jersey as the rain continued.

After breakfast the rain stopped and we arrived at our first course in Pennsylvania.

Here we are at Hacketts Park Disc Golf Course. After 18 holes it was on to the next course.

Here we are at DeSales University Disc Golf Course. After 18 holes it was off to the next course.

Here we are at Covered Bridge park Disc Golf Course. After 18 holes it was off to the next course.

Here we are at Victory Park Disc Golf Course. After 18 holes it was off to the next course.

Here we are at Salford Park Disc Golf Course (Karl's arm and Arrow appear in the picture). We saw a box turtle pictured below. After 18 holes it was off to the next course.

A Box Turtle

Here we are at Branchwood Park Disc Golf Course. Our final stop of the day. I got my 222nd Ace during the second round of 9 holes. We played 54 holes before playing a last round streching out the course by playing from one tee to second hole ahead. So we could air out some drives as Karl was working on his backhand drives.

Cubby's 222nd Ace Photo.

It was a very long, HOT and HUMID day of Disc Golf. Did I say hot and humid yet and lots of bugs. Used lots of tee shirts and drank lots of fluids. After dropping Karl off at his house, I got back home at 11PM and showered and went to bed, woke up after a 4 hours and decided to update the blog. Now back to bed as I have to work today/tonight.

By the way congrats to Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants on passing Hank Aaron on the all time Home Run list for Major League Baseball. But can he get two skip Aces in one day :) If you know Barry send him my way. Disc Golf could use the publicity. Now get out and play some Disc Golf people.