Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A shout out to Mr. Brashear's class in Sacramento, CA

I received a very nice E-mail from a teacher out in Scramento, CA. He wanted to let me know how much his students enjoy my Disc Golf videos. He teaches Disc Golf in the classroom and he has an outdoor course set up for his students. One of his students has 7 Aces!!!!! In response to his E-mail I sent him an E-mail back and I have posted a video greeting for his students.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cubby gets his 104th ACE!

Cubby and Ken at Hole 15's basket.

I was going to stay home and relax on my day off when I got a call from Ken around 10AM. He wanted to play Disc Golf so off I went to Rutgers. On our second Hole I nearly got the Ace on 9 coming off of the face of the basket. Today was a good day, lots of ace runs, my worst score on the day was 8 under. Ken had to leave at 2PM. I continued playing and was leaving the course when I decided to park my car behind Hole 1's basket and set up my video in the car beacause it was raining and take a video of me driving on Hole 1, got my 104th Ace and then headed home. Life is good.

Check out the video of my 104th Ace on the picture below and double click on the center arrow to get he video to play.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cubby gets his 103rd ACE!

Headed up to Rutgers for some Disc Golf after work. Arrived on the course around 2:30AM. Saw one of the Skunks on the course. Got my 103rd ACE and headed back home around 6AM to get some sleep.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Monday at Bunker Hill

I arrived at Rob's after 4PM and we played a couple of rounds then we enjoyed some burgers off of the grill. We continued playing until dark and then Rob put glow sticks on the baskets and we put smaller ones on our golf discs and continued to play until 9:30PM. Rob and I both had Ace runs chain out. I almost had my 2nd lefty Ace.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cubby gets his 102nd ACE!

Headed up to Rutgers for a 5:45 AM round with Rob. After Rob left I got my 102nd ACE on Hole 17. My second skip Ace on that hole. I left the course at 9AM and headed to the beach on a cool, grey day. Got to practice some drives on the beach.

Beach pictures.

Cubby's Disc Golf World Podcast (Video 20)

Slow motion video of one of my rounds with Karl at Rutgers DGC on Sunday August 13, 2006. See one of the course Hawks in flight at the end of the video

Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday at Bunker Hill

I got to Rob's course at 6:15PM and played some rounds with Rob, EricK, and Karl. Rob gave me a tag he had made for my 100th ACE. Thanks Rob!!! Karl and Erick headed out at sunset and Rob and I played some night DG on 4 holes near the house. We played to 12 under. I was up 9 under to 4 under and Rob came back for the win 12 under to my 10 under. Here is a picture of Me, Erick, Rob, and a faceless Karl.

Sunday Disc Golf at Rutgers

I got to the course at 2AM and Karl and I spent the next 10 hours playing Disc Golf. 12 rounds in all. We even played 3 odd rounds throwing in ways we normally would not throw. I did 2 rounds throwing lefty forehand and one round throwing lefty backhand. Now I have aches in pains on my left side. Lots of Ace runs from the both of us but nothing stayed in. Got a good picture of one of the Hawks on the course and a group photo of some of the regulars on the course.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cubby gets his 101st ACE!

Arrived at Rutgers DGC at 5:45AM and played two rounds with Rob and then I played some solo rounds and then took a nap in my chair next to Basket 15. Got some lunch and played some more solo rounds. Got a Skip Ace on video on Hole 9. Played a round with BOB and Kit. Got some new plastic from BOB (3 Star monsters, 1 Champion Monster, 3 Champion Firebirbirds, and 1 Champion Arc Angel). Can you say overstable plastic :)

Here is the video of my 101st ACE.

Check out the pics below of Rob putting into the sun on Hole 14, one of the Rutgers Skunks that bit the dust near Hole 15 and some pics of one of the Hawks that hangs out on the course.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cubby plays at Bunker Hill DGC

I headed over to Rob's place to do some grillin, chillin, and Discin after work. We played some before we grilled and then into the night until a storm finally kicked us off the course around 9PM. Lost a Firebird in one of Rob's tall trees. It's way up there and in deep. Fortunately I got some new plastic in today from the good people at so I had more Firebirds, a Wraith, a Valk, and a Viking. Here is a pic of Rob and I at the end of the Discin.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cubby gets his 100th ACE!

I worked until 3AM and left work for Rutgers. Big John was going to meet me at 8AM for some rounds. I got to the course and played solo rounds and got a picture of a Racoon in a tree near 15's basket. I also got my 100th ACE on Hole 18 as Big John was parking at near Hole 15. I also got a picture of a threesome playing a round of DG, 3 generations. Check out the pics below.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cubby's Disc Golf World Podcast (Video 19)

Cubby, Don, and Ken play a round of Disc Golf at Rutgers Disc Golf Course in New Brunswick, NJ on 8/1/2006. Cubby played from 5:45AM to 3:15PM in record heat of 103 degrees. Check out the slow motion video below of Cubby, Don, and Ken.

Cubby's Disc Golf World Podcast (Video 18)

Cubby plays a round of Disc Golf with Mark at Rutgers on 7/30/2006. Big John drove up from Wildwood that morning and came to the course to video our round. Cubby gets his 99th ACE on the opening drive of the match and Mark shoots his personal best round.