Monday, January 29, 2007

Vacation Time!

To all my friends, I just wanted to let you know that I will be on vacation in Puerto Rico from Tuesday 28 January through 9 February. I will not have access to a computer or a Disc Golf course, so there will be no updates to the blog until I return, unless I find an Internet Cafe and time to post something while I am away. So get away from the computer and get out on the Disc Golf course and make some memories.

BTW, I am taking my Innova Traveler Disc Golf Target and some putters so I can practice :)

Warm regards, Cubby

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The last shot was sweet!

Headed to Warwick Disc Golf course in the early morning hours for some Disc Golf before heading to New York City to attend a trade show for work. I arrived at 6:10 AM and Big John arrived at 7:10 AM. The park gates were still locked until we called the local police around 8:00 AM.

Cubby and Big John waiting for the park to open.

The police came and opened the gates and we were off to play 4 rounds. 2 rounds on the main course and 2 rounds on Wolfe Woods. Today was the last day for me to play Disc Golf before I go on vacation to Puerto Rico on Tuesday.

As luck would have it, hit my 170th Ace on my last drive of the last hole we played. It was sweet getting my first New Yok Ace on Wolfe Woods.

Wolfe Woods was built in honor of a very special Disc Golfer, Scott Wolfe. Scott Passed away in his forties due to a brain tumor. Scott was a great guy and I always enjoyed throwing rounds with Scott. I am sure he helped guide my disc into the chains.

Thanks to Big John for some fun Disc Golf. I will not be playing any Disc Golf rounds or taking any drives while on vacation but I will be taking my Innova Traveler Target and some putters, so I can practice on the beach. Looking forward to healing up while I am on vacation. The back, knees and legs can use the rest.

Cubby's 170th Ace Photo

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happiness is.........New Plastic!

Just got in some new discs from the good people at
They have a great selction of the discs I like to throw and the prices are sweet. Check out their X-OUT section for some great savings.
You can order your discs from at the link below:
Tell them Cubby sent you!
The big black X on the discs was added by me. It helps me find the discs a lot easier when I play at night.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Twin Parks Country Club

Chris, Thanks for the link on your page:

A shout out to all the Disc Golfers down in the Twin Parks Country Club in Texas!

Check out this website:

What a really cool concept in fun. Two 18 Hole Disc Golf courses and so much more to do. This would be an outstanding vacation getaway for all Disc Golfers. I gotta make it out there someday.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wednesday Disc Golf in New York

I was up in North Jersey today visiting a vendor's showroom and afterwards I had a little time to zip up to Warwick, NY and play some Disc Golf before sunset. It's always a blast to play at Warwick.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Birthday Disc Golf in Philadelphia, PA

Cubby and Big John on the road in Philadelphia for a day of Disc Golf on Cubby's birthday. We arrived at a snow covered course and played in the falling snow for the first 5 rounds. We played a total of 10 rounds on the day. It was slippery on the course. Cubby went down on a follow through on Hole 2 and Big John went down on the steps descending Hole 13. No injuries to report but Cubby's green jingle bell pajamas did get muddy.

Cubby returning a players lost disc to the lost and found box.

Big John provided the cake for the birthday celebration.

Thanks to Big John for a great day of Disc Golf in Philadelphia.

Monday, January 22, 2007

The "CUBBY" Hole

Here is a picture of a project I am working on for Rob's private Bunker Hill Disc Golf Course. It is a home made Disc Golf Target I am constructing. I still have to add the chains, glue and fasten all the parts and finish the basket detailed construction, but I thought I would throw some pictures of what the project looks like so far. Stay tuned for pictures of the completed project when I install it at Bunker Hill.

Looks sweet!!! Very unique, a Cubby classic.

Tomorrow is my Birthday and Big John and I will be on the road somewhere playing Disc Golf, I can't wait!!!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday Disc Golf at Manalapan

Well all of the fair weather Disc Golfers decided to stay at home and keep warm, Cubby headed out to Manalapan Recreation Center after lunch for some Disc Golf on a cold and windy day. Cubby gets his 168th and 169th Aces on holes 7 and 6.

Cubby's 168th Ace Photo

Cubby's 168th Ace Video

Cubby's 169th Ace Photo

Cubby's 169th Ace Video

Some pictures of a Deer grazing on the course.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tuesday Disc Golf on a cold Day/Night

Headed to Manalapan Recreation Center Disc Golf Course on Tuesday to play some rounds before heading up to Chimney Rock Park Disc Golf Course to meet up with Big John. I have some winter attire on as it is finally getting cold in New Jersey. Bring back Glogal Warming!

Big John and Cubby played some rounds on a chilly and windy day at Chimney Rock. Cubby got his 167th Ace on Hole 5 and Big John got his 6th Ace on Hole 3.

Cubby's 167th Ace Photo

Cubby's 167th Ace Video

Big John's 6th Ace Photo

Big John's 6th Ace Video

After Chimney Rock Cubby headed to Rutgers Disc Golf Course to play some rounds and wait for Don to arrive for some Night Disc Golf.

Don and Cubby played until 11:45 PM and it was 24 degrees out and very windy. We both managed to shoot a pair of -13 during the same round and I chained out of an Ace on the first playoff hole for the win. The competition was tight and Don Chained out of 9 and I hit basket on 6. Don was putting well. It was a fun day and night of Disc Golf.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Just got an E-mail from our friend Collin down at WCU in the Carolinas:

Hey Cubby,
Just got my first ace of the year at 4:15pm, January 14, 2007 at WCU's course with a Innova DX Teebird! Collin.

Way to go Collin, we both Ace'd today but I beat you to the punch got mine in the morning. Thanks for the update!!!

Sunday Disc Golf at Manalapan and Bunker Hill and another Ace for Cubby (3rd of the year)

Headed up to Manalapan Recreation Center Disc Golf Course for some rounds of Disc Golf got some practice in while waiting for Big John to arrive.

Big John and Cubby played some rounds before heading to Rob's house to meet up with Rob and Don to play the rest of the day at Bunker Hill DGC. Cubby got his 166th Ace on Hole 1 at Manalapan.

Cubby's 166th Ace Photo.

Don, Cubby, Big John, and Rob at Bunker Hill. The big thing lately at group pictures is for everyone to try to get Cubby off guard during the group photos as you can see Don is attempting to do here.

Cubby chained out of hole 1 and Rob did the same on Hole 2. Big John skipped off the top of the basket on Hole 2. Don almost got the first three on Hole 6 now that it has a basket.

Cubby got the first sub par round of the year at Bunker Hill.

We had some fun rounds followed by a doubles round with Cubby and Big John getting a 4 skins on a final hole CTP, Cubby's drive edged out Rob's by a 1/2 disc width.

Thanks to everyone for a great day of Disc Golf!

Check out Rob's Bunker Hill Disc Golf Course Blog below:

What does Cubby do besides Disc Golf?

One of my other hobbies is doing voice over work. Here is a video commercial that used my voice.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Thursday/Friday Disc Golf Marathon

Headed up to Rutgers for some Night Disc Golf after work on Thursday arriving at the course at 6 PM. Played some holes until Jay arrived on the course.

Jay and I played one round, then Big John and Don arrived.

Cubby Don, Big John, and Jay played lots of rounds. Cubby, Big John and Don played until 2:40 AM on Friday morning.

Don got his 9th Ace at 10:43 PM (1/11/2007)on Hole 9

Don got his 10th Ace at 12:04 AM (1/12/2007) on Hole 12

Cubby, Big John, and Don played skins all night. Cubby was the big winner. It was a fun Disc Golf marathon.

Way to go Don on those two cool Aces!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I recently received a nice e-mail from Collin. He plays Disc golf at Western Carolina University. Here is the text of his E-mail:

Hey Cubby, I have been watching your videos online a lot recently, if you ever come down south you should stop by at my school Western Carolina University and play a round. Here is the website:

Click here to see Collin's Ace

I have an ace video on the site if you look hard. It is a new course so there is only nine holes but its still fun. I look foward to here from you.

Your friend, Collin Taylor

Thanks for the e-mail Collin. I hope everyone will go check the link. Once on the page, scroll down to see where you need to click to see Collin's awesome ace! I just love his reaction to the shot! That's Disc Golf passion!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

From Dekalb, IL to New Brunswick, NJ to be a part of Cubby's Disc Golf World

Headed up to Rutgers on Tuesday around Noon for a day of Disc Golf. Got in some holes waiting for Big John to arrive at the course.

Big John joined me for a couple of rounds while we waited for Jason and Mike to arrive at the course from out of town.

Big John and Cubby had the pleasure of hosting Jason and Mike traveling from Dekalb, IL to Rutgers to play a couple of rounds of Disc Golf. Jason is a fan of the blog and diverted his trip to Albany, NY to come down and be a part of the Blog. Jason was traveling with his friend Mike to Albany and is returning to home on Saturday.

Big John and I in the past had discussed how cool it would be if some day a fan of the blog would make a long distance trip out to be part of the blog and Jason was the first to make the pilgrimage from such a long distance to the home Disc Golf Course of Cubby's Disc Golf World and make it into the Blog.

It really was a special day for Cubby and Big John. We played a round of singles with Cubby on top at -10. the next round was a round of doubles with Jason and Big John against Mike and Cubby with Jason and Big John winning -11 to -9.

Here is a video of our singles round.

Big John and Jason after winnig in Doubles.

We took some video of our first round that I will post as soon as I can. Thanks Jason and Mike for coming down to Rutgers and being a part of the Blog. Jason has only been playing for six months and got his first Ace on 1/6/07. We are expecting to hear great things from Jason in Disc Golf. He has a great forehand drive and a real touch when it comes to putting.

Disc given to Jason signed by Cubby and Big John.

After Jason and Mike got on the road, Cubby and Big John continued to play into the night.

We ran into Jay returning from living in North Carolina over the last year. Jay was behind the camera for my first video Ace back in 2005.

After Big John left I continued to play since I had to pick up my daughters at the Newark Airport returning from vacation around midnight.

I got my 165th Ace at 10:07 PM.

Cubby's 165th Ace Photo

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cubby gets his first Ace of 2007

Headed to Tyler State park for the 2007 Tyler Ice Bowl. With Global warming in full swing, ice was no where to be found. This charity Disc Golf Tournament brought in 90 Disc Golfers and over 4,000 lbs of food was collected for the local food bank.

I got in a round of 27 holes before the event started and I got my 164th Ace on Hole 3 of that round.

Cubby's 164th Ace Photo.

Here is a group picture for the event.

Steve "The Canadian" in front of the 1,800 lbs. of food he collected for the event. Cubby and Rex in the background. Rex is the president of the Mid Atlantic Disc Club. The MADISC organization does a great job at promoting Disc Golf in the region.

Big Dog giving out some unique prizes. Nice hat!

Don, Cubby, Big John and John Roy during the tournament round.

Big John driving during the tournament.

Don with a tricky stance makes the Putt

Some pictures of Cubby and friends.

Cubby, John B, and John R

John B is an active member of the Bucks County Disc Golf Alliance. He and his fellow club members do a fantastic job of running tournaments and improving the course at Tyler. Thanks John and the BCDGA!

John R lives in the Newport News area of Virginia and he left there at 3 Am to come to the event. John is the Tournament Director for the Fall Colors Disc Golf Tournament in Newport News. I know John from my early days of Disc Golf when Newport News was my home course. I am looking forward to throwing more rounds with John while he works in New Jersey over the next week.

Cubby and Larry Entz

Larry is one of the nicest Disc Golfers you will ever meet. We always had some fun competitive rounds when I was playing tournament Disc Golf a number of years ago. Larry recently installed a new Disc Golf Course in his neck of the woods. Great to see you Larry!

Cubby and Miguel

Miguel and his Son check out the blog vidoes and it's always great to get feedback from people checking the videos out. It was great to see you again Miguel!

Cubby and Matt

Matt did me a big favor at the 2002 Am Worlds in Miami, FL. He drove down to the event from New Jersey and was kind enough to transport a Mach II New Pole Hole I won during a CTP contest in Miami. Great to see you again Matt!