Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Morning Disc Golf at Rutgers with Piotr Swinarski

Headed up to Rutgers after work on Saturday Night for some rounds of Disc Golf with Piotr Swinarski. Peter is the last of the European University Students that worked for me this Summer. Piotr flys back to Poland on Monday.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

A cool Disc arrives in the mail.

I want to Thank Eric E. from Seattle Washington for sending me another cool disc. As the TD of the 2007 Lakewood Open in Seatle, Eric had this nice disc made from a picture of one of his sculptures. For the Blog faithful, you may recall that Eric also sent me a nice disc from the 2006 event. One of these years I am going to just have to jump on a plane and get a disc at the event. Thanks Eric for the cool disc and it's nice to know that you have been out there following my content since I first started out with my earlier Cubby's Disc Golf World Disc Golf Audio Podcast back on 27 September 2005. Coincedently the disc arrived in the mail on 27 Septemer 2007. Thanks Eric!

I have added audio player links down the right side of the blog for my Original Cubby's Disc Golf World Audio Podcast Episodes for those of you that may want to hear my original audio podcasts (Pre-Blog Content). You can also find my CDGW Audio Episodes in the links section for the Blog as I do not not have an embedded link in the Blog for Episodes 18, 19, and 20.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Disc Golf at Manalapan

I got a call from Miguel in the morning letting me know that he had the day off and was available to play Disc Golf. I told him I had to work so Disc Golf was probably going to be a no go for me. I got to work and got some stuff done and it was very slow so I called Miguel and told him I could play at Manalapan for lunch. So I headed to Manalapan and on the way I got a text message from Big John saying "Let's play Disc Golf", so I called him and let him know that I was on my way to meet up with Miguel at Manalapan. Big John said he would meet us there. After some fun Disc Golf, I headed back to work.

Cubby and Miguel (Note: Miguel is down to his last JLS.)

Cubby, Big John, and Miguel.

It was good to see Big John out on the course again and and to throw some fun rounds with Miguel and Big John.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Disc Golf at Manalapan and two Skip Aces

Headed up to Manalapan Recreation Center Disc Golf Course after work for some rounds of Disc Golf. I got my 234th and 235th Aces. My 50th and 51st Skip Aces.

Cubby's 234th Ace Photo.

Cubby's 234th Ace Video.

Cubby's 235th Ace Photo.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tuesday and Wednesday Disc Golf at Tyler, Tinicum, and Rutgers

Now that I have two days off again I was going to take a road trip to New England to play Disc Golf. The trip did not happen and I did not get out to play until Tuesday afternoon. I headed over to Tyler State Park Disc Golf Course to get in a late afternoon round.

Cubby and Mark played 27 Holes at Tyler. Mark just started playing Disc Golf and he is definately hooked.

After the round at Tyler I headed to Tinicum to get in a round before dark.

A buck on the side of the road near Tinicum.

After playing at Tinicum, I headed up to Rutgers for some Night Disc Golf.

After some solo rounds, Spook Handy, Dennis, and Chris showed up at the course and we played lots of rounds.

After Spook handy left we played more Disc Golf.

After Chris left, Dennis and I played until 6:30AM. No Aces but I hit lots of metal both lefty and righty. It was a long couple of days of Dic Golf.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday Morning (Night) Disc Golf at Rutgers

Headed up to Rutgers after work on Friday Night to play some rounds of Disc Golf Golf. Fortunately I posted on the CDGW Yahoo Message Board that I was on my way to the course as Chris was checking out the message board and headed up to Rutgers to meet me. We started around 1 AM on Saturday and played 2 rounds and both left for home. I decided to get some breakfast at McD's and headed back to Rutgers for more Disc Golf. I got my 233rd Ace, another Skip Ace. My last 5 Aces have been Skip Aces. During my last round the fog rolled in and the course looked cool. By 5:30 Am I was back on the road heading home for a little sleep before going to work.

Cubby's 233rd Ace Photo

Thanks Chris for coming out to play some Disc Golf in the wee hours of the morning.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Disc Golf at Manalapan and another Skip Ace

Headed over to Manalapan Recreation Center Disc Golf Course after work for some rounds of Disc Golf. I got my 232nd Ace on Hole 3. A nice Skip Ace caught on video.

Cubby's 232nd Ace Photo

Cubby's 232 Ace Video

Mike, Cubby, and Paul

Ran into Mike and Paul during Night Disc Golf. They are from the Philadelphia area on business. I gave them a light stick for their disc and we played some Night Disc Golf together.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday Disc Golf in Delaware and Pennsylvania

Miguel and I headed to Bellvue State Park Disc Golf Course in Delaware to play three rounds of Disc Golf.

Here is Miguel throwing at a well protected basket.

On the way back home we stopped in Philadelphia to play a round of Disc Golf at Sedgley Woods Disc Golf Course.

Driving back home from Philadelphia.

Thanks Miguel for a fun day of Disc Golf.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday Disc Golf at Manalapan and Green Acres

Headed to Manalapan Disc Golf Course after work for some rounds of Disc Golf. I got a call from Miguel while playing. He said he was heading to Green Acres to meet up with Tim and Tom. I told Miguel I would be heading over as well.

Cubby, Tim, Tom, and Miguel at one of Tim's home made hanging baskets.

We played a singles round and a doubles round. Miguel made a nice putt in the dark in sudden death of doubles. Tom and Miguel over Tim and Cubby. I lost a Champion Orc in the pond.

Tom on a long approach shot.

Monday Night Disc Golf at Rutgers and two Skip Aces, One Lefty and one Righty

Headed up to Rutgers Disc Golf Course after work for some rounds of Disc Golf. I got my 230th (Lefty Skip) and 231st (Righty Skip) Aces. Both Aces had the Disc entrapped in the chains vice resting in the basket as is usually the case.

Cubby's 230th Ace Photo.

Cubby's 231st Ace Photo.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Morning (Night) Disc Golf at Rutgers

Headed up to Rutgers for some rounds of Disc Golf after work on Saturday. I arrived at the course @ 2AM. It was a chilly 48 degrees. Got my 229th Ace, a nice Skip Ace. Headed home at 6:15AM.

Cubby's 229th Ace Photo.

Time to get some sleep, I have to work today/tonight.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cubby meets former NFL New York Giants Players, one played Disc Golf before!

A pair of former New York Giants Football Players were up at Jenkinson's tonight and I got to take a photo and chat. Rodney Hampton #27 and Stephen Baker#85 are pictured with Cubby#14567 above.

Stephen Baker. He has played Disc Golf in California. He told me it is much more fun than ball golf, I could not agree more. He said he would checkout my YOUTUBE videos.

Here is some Wikipedia info on Stephen Baker:

Stephen Baker (born August 30, 1964 in San Antonio, Texas) was a former professional American football player who was selected by the New York Giants in the 3rd round of the 1987 NFL Draft. A 5'8", 160 lbs. wide receiver from Fresno State University, Baker played for the Giants his entire career from 1987-1992. Also known as Stephen Baker "The Touchdown Maker," he won a championship ring with New York in Super Bowl XXV, when they defeated the Buffalo Bills 20-19. Baker caught 2 passes for 31 yards and 1 touchdown in the game.

Baker finished his 6 NFL seasons with 141 receptions for 2,587 yards and 21 touchdowns, along with 21 rushing yards.

Rodney Hampton. Rodney asked me about Disc Golf and I explained the sport to him.

Here is some Wikipedia info on Rodney Hampton:

Rodney Craig Hampton (born April 3, 1969 in Houston, Texas) is a former professional American football player who was selected by the New York Giants in the 1st round of the 1990 NFL Draft. A 5'11", 215 lbs. running back from the University of Georgia by way of Kashmere High School in Houston, Texas, Hampton played his entire career with the Giants from 1990-1997. A two-time Pro Bowl selection in 1992 and 1993, his 6,897 career rushing yards stood as the most in Giants history until Tiki Barber surpassed that mark in the 2004 NFL season. Hampton was a member of the Giants team that won Super Bowl XXV.

After his rookie season was cut short due to injury, Hampton emerged as the team's most consistent offensive weapon over the next five seasons. He broke the 1,000 yard mark each year from 1991-1995. His style was old-school, smash-mouth football. He wouldn't break many long runs, but had a habit of wearing down defenses in the second half. Following two disappointing years in 1996 and 1997, including rumors of a possible trade to the San Francisco 49ers, he retired, although he does make appearances at many Giants' charity events.

It was nice to meet two fine gentleman and members of the NY Giants Super Bowl XXV Championship Team.

Stephen, if you read this let me know when you would like to throw some rounds of Disc Golf.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Thursday Disc Golf on the Beach in Seaside Heights, New Jersey

I was at a company dinner in Seaside Heights on Thursday Night and after the event I played some Disc Golf on the Beach. A couple of coworkers wanted to try it out. It was very windy. There were lots of trash cans on the beach so it was easy to set up a course. I Ace'd one of the holes we made up. (Not counting towards my Ace total). Laura and Terry had a good time. I hope to get them out to Rutgers soon to show them some real Disc Golf.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wednesday Disc Golf in Philadelphia

Headed to Philadelphia on Wednesday for some rounds of Disc Golf. Lots of people out on the course on a nice sunny day.

Here I am with John. He recognized me from the internet. He is a new Disc Golfer and after we chatted about my Aces, he told me that he almost had an Ace but it did not count because it skipped off the ground. He was pleased when I told him that a ship shot counts, so he has his first Ace. Congrats John!

Here I am with Wade before we started on the back 9. A nice guy with a rock solid game.

Here I am with Mike. He has been Disc Golfing for over 20 years. He is the master of throwing the disc flat and straight.

Jim, Mike, Cubby, Nick, and Rebecca.

During my round with Mike we got to meet Rebecca, Nick, and Jim. Nick recognized me from the internet.

Mike makes a nice putt on Hole 7.

It's always a pleasure to meet people that have seen my YOUTUBE videos and/or my Blog. I alway get positive feedback on my content and it's nice knowing that there are people out their that enjoy what I post on the internet.

Disc Golf is life and life is good :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Remembering those lost on 9/11/2001. Playing Disc Golf with Barbara and Vanja and getting an Ace on this day of remeberence

Here are pictures I took on September 11, 2001.

May we never forget the losses of that day and continue to stand united against the continuing threat to our way of life.

Barbara (Slovenia), Cubby (USA), Vanja (Slovenia)

After work on Tuesday, I headed up to Rutgers Disc Golf Course with Barbara and Vanja for three rounds of Disc Golf. During the second round I got my 228th Ace. We played singles the first round and during the last 2 rounds we played doubles (I played singles against them playing doubles). I played par 3 and they played par 4 per hole. During the first doubles round I won 13 under to 12 under. During the second round of doubles they won 15 under to my 14 under. I missed a putt on the last hole that would have forced a sudden death playoff. It was great to throw 3 rounds with Barbara and Vanja and for them to see me Ace again. This is the last time they will get to play Disc Golf with me before heading back home to Slovenia. I gave them both a Disc to take home and play some object Disc Golf and spread the word about Disc Golf in their country.

Cubby's 228 Ace Photo.

Vanja and Barbara after they signed my Ace Disc.

Barbara putting on Hole 15 basket.

Vanja putting on Hole 15 basket.

Thanks ladies for sharing in my passion for Disc Golf.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monday at the Candy Show in Atlantic City and Disc Golf at Cape May County Park and Zoo Disc Golf Course and a Motor Vehicle Accident

Headed down to Atlantic City Monday morning to attend the Philadelphia National Candy Gift and Gourmet Show.

Afterwards I drove to Cape May to get in some Disc Golf before heading back to work.

A Saturn Sports Utility Vehicle on it's side in the Marsh

On the drive back to work we got some heavy rain and a driver slid off the road down an embakment into a marshy area. I pulled over along with other motorists and we came to her aid until Police and Fire personnel arrived on the scene. Hopefully the driver is recovering with minimal injuries. It's always nice to see how many people go out of their way to come to the aid of a stranger trouble.

It was an early close at work, out by 10PM. :) Sweet!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wednesday Disc Golf at Rutgers, DeBunker Hill, and Tinicum and then back to work

Headed up to Rutgers for some Disc Golf. Got in a round and left to meet up with Rob.

Cubby and Rob at DeBunker Hill. We got in 27 holes.

Rob and Cubby at Tinicum for a round. Rob joined an exclusive club of players getting a 3 on hole 18. He had a very long skip shot for the three.

Rob putting with the CRO.

Cubby, Don, Rob, and Don's Fan Club: Andrew and Melanie
We played one round then I had to unexpectedly go back to work until 11PM. Part of my only day off is better than no day off at all.