Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Disc Golf at Alexandria and Tinicum. Cubby in the studio for Disc Golf Monthly.

Headed up to Alexandria Park Disc Golf Course for some rounds of Disc Golf with Matt L. This park is Matt's home course and he is the course designer. It was a 9 hole course, now up to 12 holes. 6 more holes will be installed in the future. We played 36 holes with Matt finishing at 16 under and Cubby at 8 under. It was a good time and Matt tore me up as usual.

After we played we got some pizza then I headed to Tinicum for some more rounds.

Matt and Cubby in the DGM Studio.

After Tinicum I headed to Levittown, PA to meet up with Matt and Kevin for studio work for an upcoming Disc Golf Monthly Episode.

After we finished up I bought a Champion Groove and a Star Boss from Matt.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Disc Golf Road trip to seven courses and a First Ace for Disc Golf Monthly Producer Kevin McGorry!

The day started early with me getting up at 3:30 AM. I met Kevin McGorry (Disc Golf Monthly Producer) at his house in Pennsylvania and we headed over to Branchwood Park Disc Golf Course stopping for some breakfast on the way. We got lots of rounds in on the 9 hole course. I predicated that Kevin would Ace today and that we would not leave this course until he did, and that he would Ace with a Stingray. On the last hole we were going to play before moving on to the next course Kevin made all of my predications come true by getting his first Disc Golf Hole In One! Kevin has been playing Disc Golf for 14 years so it was a real treat to be there when he got his first Ace. No Ace for Cubby but I missed two shots off the rim and one off the top. And shadowed the chains on others.

Kevin's First Ace Photo.

The second course we played was Plain Park, another 9 hole course.

The third course we played was Jordan Creek. Great to see the cement tee pads. A great course to play! I was happy with a 59.

We stopped for lunch on the way to the next course.

The fourth course we played was Little Lehigh Parkway . I was happy with a 64. Another great course to play!

Here we are with Brian and Jeff. It was great chatting with them about Disc Golf. They both enjoy following my YOUTUBE videos. I am looking forward to throwing some rounds with them in the future.

Cubby and Brian.

Cubby and Jeff.

The fifth course we played was Covered Bridge. A nice mix of holes and some fun throws. We played the round with Tim (The Chicken). Tim had some great putts!

The sixth course we played was Levans park. A 9 hole course.

The seventh course we played was Upper Macungie Park . We played this course in the dark without lights. An adeventure in the dark.

We stopped for something to eat on the way home.

Congrats to Kevin on his First Ace! Kevin proved to be Cubby road trip material always ready to play another course and play through a long day without much rest. He survived his introduction to Cubby fatigue Disc Golf.

It was also great to meet Brian, Jeff, and Tim. I hope you guys enjoy those discs and thanks for your kind words about my YOUTUBE videos and my blog.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Disc Golf at Rutgers

Headed up to the Rutgers Disc Golf Course to meet up with Curtis from New York City. He emailed me yesterday about coming out to Rutgers for the first time so I picked him up at the train station in New Brunswick and then we got to the course and played 5 rounds. I chained out of Hole 9. I threw a -5, -8, -11, -11, -??

Here is the crowd that showed up for Tuesday Doubles. I was paired up with Jose and we threw against Chris and Paul S. (Massachusetts). We tied at 8 under. The winning team won with 12 under.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Morning Disc Golf at Green Acres

Tim, Cubby, Tom, Rob, Miguel, Eric (below), and Matt.

Head up to Tim's private Green Acres Disc Golf Course for some rounds before going to work. I got the number 1 tag after the first round. Rob, Eric and Matt left after the first round and I kept the number one tag after the second round. Just missed and Ace on hole 1. I made some nice putts. Tim had to play left handed as he has a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder. He made a nice long lefty putt during the second round.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cubby creates a new Disc Golf Target on 3/21/2009

April 7th 2009 update to this post: I think I may still submit my creation for a patent. I'll just have to take my time and make sure my target is a better mousetrap :)

March 31st 2009 update to this post: I will be installing the target I created at Rob's private Bunker Hill Disc Golf Course.

I have created a new Disc Golf Target that improves retention of the disc in the basket. I am keeping it under wraps until I explore patent application and maybe even producing it myself or licensing production to a Disc Golf related company. I created the target by brainstorming when I go to sleep at night, in the time when your eyes are closed but you are still awake. I always think about Disc Golf before I go to sleep, I know get a life :)

The target performs just as I imagined it would. I have a portable and hanging version with the hanging version under going testing now. I just wanted to mark the day and blog about it. Sorry to keep everyone in the dark.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Disc Golf at Bunker Hill and a Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow!

Headed to Rob's private Bunker Hill Disc Golf Course for two rounds of Disc Golf on St. Patrick's Day. During the first round I got my 364th Ace (Skip Ace) on the third hole taking home the Ace Pot of $126. To celebrate the Ace, after the first round I bought Pizza for me, Rob, and his family. During the second round I tied the course record previously held by me. It was great to get out and play again after being sick last week. The rest did me good.

Cubby's 364th Ace Photo.

A sweet Ace Pot. Lot's of Green!

Happy St. Patrick's Day. I really had the luck of the Irish with me.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Disc Golf at Rutgers, Chimney Rock, and Dunham.

Headed up to Rutgers Disc Golf Course for some early morning rounds after taking my Brother and his wife to the airport for their trip down to Puerto Rico. I got my 362nd Ace.

Cubby's 362nd Ace Photo.

After playing at Rutgers, I headed over to the Chimney Rock Disc Golf Course for some rounds and got my 363rd Ace.

Cubby's 363rd Ace Photo.

After playing at Chimney Rock, I headed up to the Dunham Disc Golf Course for some rounds. It was very windy at the course.

Cubby and Lenny.

I was just getting ready to head home and I ran into another Disc Golfer, so I stayed for one more round.

I had a scare on the way home. I had stopped to eat on the Garden State Parkway and got back on the road, drinking a milk shake when all of a sudden I had a wierd sensation like an electrical disturbance in my chest/abomen. I started to blackout but fortunately did not pass out. It seemed like forever though that I could not see. That is the first time something like that has happened to me. I pulled off at the next rest stop for a bit then headed home. I think the combination of no sleep last night and playing lots of Disc Golf and my sugar being high did it. I am feeling much better after some sleep when I got home. Getting old is a bummer.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday Morning Disc Golf at Green Acres

Cubby, Tim, Rob, MikeL, Tom, and Miguel.
Headed up to Tim's private Green Acres Disc Golf Course for some rounds of Disc Golf before work. We got in two rounds. During the second round I chained out on a near black ace and later in the round chained out on a near Ace. I ended up with the number 2 tag.

Tom and Rob had to leave after the first round and Don (not pictured) joined us during the second round.

Here is a video clip of a near disc to my head shot courtesy of Rob.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday Night Disc Golf at Rutgers

Headed up to Rutgers Disc Golf Course after work for some rounds of Night Disc Golf. I got my 361st Ace on an alternate (Big John) tee pad for Hole 9. The first course Ace from this tee pad.

Cubby's 361st Ac Photo.

Sunset at Rutgers.

I played until 9:30 PM. The snow is almost all melted but it was muddy on the course.

A shout out to Eric Edgerton!

I want to thank my friend Eric for sending me a great picture disc from the 2008 Lakewood Open in Seatle Washington. Eric was the TD for the event and this is the third year he has sent me a picture disc from the annual event. Eric sent it for my Birthday, unfortunately I did not get the disc until today as it went to my old address and arrived while I was in Puerto Rico. My previous landlord held the mail for us and I just got the disc today. Sorry for the late thank-you Eric. I am trying to come up with some Cubby Disc Golf memorabilia to send you.

Eric has been a fan of the Blog and my old audio podcast from it's inception. Thanks Eric for your years of staying tuned in to my Disc Golf adventures and your kindness in sending me the pictures discs, they are as coveted to me as my Ace Discs. I hope to someday make the trek out to the west coast and throw some rounds with you.

Eric you and many other good people that follow my Disc Golf adventures give me inspiration to play more and bring much joy in my life sharing my passion for Disc Golf. Thanks to you and everyone out there that follow my exploits.

Warm regards, Cubby

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thursday Disc Golf at Green Acres

Cubby, TimE, and MikeD

Headed to Tim's private Green Acres Disc Golf course for some early morning rounds before heading to a trade show for work up North. We got in three rounds. Tim winning all three rounds and Cubby in second for the first two and Mike in Second on the third round. The snow is starting to melt and Tim found two discs that he lost in the snow from the past couple of days.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wednesday Disc Golf at Green Acres

The Green Acres Man Room.

Headed up to Tims private Green Acres Disc Golf Course. Lots of snow on the ground. We played 3 rounds. I won the first two rounds and Tim won the last round taking my number 2 tag.

Tim's most excellent putting adventure!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Cubby co-hosts Disc Golf Monthly Episode 86. The 2008 Seneca Soiree Open Men's Finals.

Becky and Cubby in the studio for DGM Episode 86.

DGM Episode 86 Video Clip 1 of 3.

DGM Episode 86 Video Clip 2 of 3.

DGM Episode 85 Video Clip 3 of 3.

Thanks to my co-host Becky Sonnheim and the producer of Disc Golf Monthly, Kevin McGorry for another great DGM production. You can see more of Disc Golf Monthly on YOUTUBE. Search for Disc Golf Monthly.