Saturday, January 31, 2009

PDGA releases new Target Specs: Basic, Standard, and Championship levels.

New PDGA Target Specs.

Effective 1 Feb 2009, The Professional Disc Golf Association has established new technical standards for Disc Golf Targets. The picture above is from the new standards. Looks like it will be a free for all on target development. Anything from circular to square, with the most freedom at the basic level.

You can learn more about the specs by going to the following link:

Friday, January 30, 2009

More Cubby on Disc Golf Monthly

You can listen to Cubby reporting for Disc Golf Monthly in the video below.

2009 Rockburn Ice Bowl DGM Weekly Update Video.

Click here for more Disc Golf Monthly Videos.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday Night Disc Golf at Rutgers

Cubby's 353rd Ace Photo

I had to drive my Brother-in-law up to the hospital in New Brunswick on Wednesday night for a procedure that will take place Thursday morning. After I left the hospital, I headed over to Rutgers Disc Golf Course ony a mile drive from the hospital. I got my 353rd Ace. I did not have my camera with me so the only photo I have is the one I took of the Ace Disc when I got home.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Disc Golf at Manalapan and Rutgers

Headed to Manalapan Recreation Center Disc Golf Course for some rounds of Disc Golf. I got my 351st Ace.

Cubby's 351st Ace Photo.

Cubby's 351st Ace Video.

After playing at Manalapan, I headed to the Rutgers Disc Golf Course for some more rounds of Disc Golf. I got a photo of a hawk on the course. I also got my 352nd Ace, a nice lefty Skip Ace.

The hawk above Hole 8's fairway.

Cubby's 352nd Ace Photo.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Disc Golf at Green Acres

Top Row: Cubby, Eric, Max, Mike, Rob, Sean, and Miguel.
Bottom Row: Mike, (Harry the Border Collie), and Tim.

Headed to Green Acres for some sounds of Disc Golf before heading to New York City to attend a trade show. Nine players showed up in the early hours of the morning to play. After the first round, Max, Rob, and Sean had to leave. After round 2 I got the number 1 tag and side arm Mike, Mike, and Miguel had to leave. I defended the number 1 tag for two more rounds against Eric and Tim. During round 5 I lost the number 1 tag to Tim losing by 1 stroke.

After Disc Golf, I headed to NYC for the trade show.

It was a blast playing at Green Acres today!

At night I went to the movies with my Dad. We saw Gran Torino. I highly recommend this movie. It is my all time favorite movie! Clint Eastwood gave a compelling Oscar performance in front of the camera and as it's Producer and Director.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cubby gets a Disc Golf 50th birthday surprise party

Hope, Cubby, Tim, Miguel, and Rob in Cubby's backyard.

A couple of months ago, I asked my lovely wife Nancy not to throw a birthday party for me this year. She responded OK, but what if it was a Disc Golf Party? I said that would be nice, but I figured she was just joking. I forgot all about it until I walked in the door tonight after work to find my family and my Disc Golf friends in the house waiting for me with a big "SURPRISE!".

Disc Golfers:
Miguel, Rob, Tim, Hope, and Cubby.

It was great to see my Disc Golf friends at the house.

Rob, Cubby, and Karl

Karl made the 2 hour drive from the Ice Bowl at Buzzy's Creek. Thanks for the nice FLX Buzzz! Big John could'nt make the trip down as he was late getting out of New York City from School.

DX Glow Roc, Star TeeBird

1st Run Star X-Claibur, Star Gator

There was lots of food, drinks and deserts. Thanks to all my Disc Golf friends that could make it out for a great party and for the nice B-day gifts including some cool discs! A first run Star tie dye X-calibur (Tim and Miguel), A Star Gator and a black Star Teebird (Rob), A FLX Buzzz (Karl), a DX Glow ROC and a DG T-shirt (my daughter Jackie), A Dunkin Doughnuts Gift Card (Hope and Dan), A WAWA Card (My daughter Jessica and Mike) and some over hill gag gifts and other b-day gifts from family members.

Make a wish! (Play more Disc Golf)

Thanks to my lovely wife Nancy for throwing a great Disc Golf B-Day Party and my Disc Golf friends that made the trip down to celebrate with me.

Friday, January 23, 2009

On Cubby's first day at 50 he gets Ace 350

Headed up to Rutgers Disc Golf Course for some rounds of Disc Golf after work. I got my 349th Ace yesterday on my last day of being 49 and was on my quest to see if I could get 350 on my first day of being 50. I chained out of Hole 1 on a skip shot and chained out on Hole 12. I also hit basket on Hole 18. It was not looking too good until I got my 350th Ace on Hole 9. Disc Golfing was a great way to celebrate my 50th Birthday.

Cubby's 350th Ace Photo.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

On Cubby's last day at 49 he gets Ace 349

Headed to Rutgers DGC after work on Thursday for some rounds of Disc Golf. It was a cold night at 28 degrees. I got my 349th Ace on my last day of being 49 years old. I added some videos below of me taping my fingers and adding lights to my discs for Night Disc Golf.

Cubby's 349th Ace Photo.

A video of Cubby taping his fingers for Disc Golf.

A video of Cubby putting Glow sticks on his Disc Golf Discs.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cubby does some more Voice Acting

Listen to Cubby as the voice of Luca in "The Meek Chapter 2".

The Meek chapter 2 animatic from Yi Weng on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day Disc Golf at Green Acres, Bunker Hill, and Rutgers

Cubby, Tim, and Miguel at the Capitol?
Here we are being sworn in to uphold Disc Golf against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Headed to Tim E's. private Green Acres Disc Golf Course for some rounds on the day of our 44th President's Inauguration at the nations capitol. The first round was played during the term of two Presidents. Bush was President during the front nine and Obama was the President during the back nine. Cubby and Tim tied the round. We got in one more round with Tim winning by 6 shots.

After Green Acres, I headed to Rob's private Bunker Hill Disc Golf Course for some more Inauguration Day Disc Golf. I got in some practice before Rob arrived.

After Rob arrived, we got in one round with Cubby getting the win. Thanks to Rob for the mid-range disc he gave me for my upcoming birthday.

After Bunker Hill, I headed the Rutgers Disc Golf Course for a couple of rounds with Chris. The second round was a Night Disc Golf round. With 3 inches of snow on the ground we had to search whenever a disc slid under the snow.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Disc Golf at Bunker Hill

Cubby, Tim, Rob, and Miguel.

Headed to Rob Z's private Bunker Hill Disc Golf Course for some rounds before going to work. Here we are getting ready to go out for the first round. I took the first round.

Max, Cubby, Tim, Don, Miguel, and Rob.

Max and Don joined us for round two. Tim won the round leaving me one stroke behind in second place. It was a fun day at Bunker Hill!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Disc Golf at Green Acres

A cold morning as indicated on my car's outside temperature reading.

Cubby, Tom, Tim, Miguel, Mike.

Headed to Tim E's private Green Acres Disc Golf Course for some rounds on the coldest day of the winter before going to work. It was cold!, but fun!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday Disc Golf at Sedgley Woods and Rutgers. Cubby gets his 250th Rutgers Ace.

Cubby, E-Man, and Stash.

Headed to Philadelphia, PA for some rounds of Disc Golf at the Sedgley Woods DGC. Here I am with some of the regulars at the course before the start of the first round. Stash and I share the same Birthday.

Lynnae, Cubby, and Chad.

I threw the second round with some new Disc Golfers. They were having a great time on the course and I gave some pointers that I hope will make the learning curve easier.

After the fun at Sedgley, I headed back to New Jersey for some Night Disc Golf at the Rutgers DGC. I got my 347th and 348th Aces.

Cubby's 347th Ace Photo.

Cubby's 348th Ace Photo.

Cubby's 348th Ace Video.

This last Ace marks my 250th Ace at the Rutgers Disc Golf Course.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Cubby gets a new computer

Click on the picture to see full size.

Here is a picture of my three computers. I have an HP Desktop, an HP Laptop, and my new HP Mini 1030. The Mini is only 5 by 10 inches and weighs just over 2 lbs. I used it recently to video chat over Skype with Michael E., the Israeli Disc Golf Champ. It really is a nice computer to use on the go.

Here is a non Disc Golf related video but I thought I would post it to showcase some awesome trick shots on the pool table. No this is not me, but I can really appreciate the talent and practice it takes for this guy to make some awesome shots.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday Night Disc Golf at Rutgers

Headed up to Rutgers after work for some rounds of Disc Golf. I got my 346th Ace. I played until 11PM on a cold night.

Cubby's 346th Ace Photo.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Advice on putting in Disc Golf

Not that I am any kind of expert, but with my blog and YOUTUBE videos I am often asked about Disc Golf tips and techniques. For what it is worth, I would like to share some advice I recently gave one of my YOUTUBE viewers when asked about putting:

Over the years I have stood over many putts and had that nervous feeling when faced with making or missing a putt. What I have learned is not to care about the putt at all. Who cares if it goes in or not just make the mechanics of the putt and let the chips fall where they may.

You have to get your putts to be as natural as if you are walking or driving a car. Think about it, walking is a very complex task yet we don't give a thought to taking step after step. We just let our senses provide the input and allow the mind to work in automatic. The same thing happens for most of what we do when we drive a car. Using those examples, when you putt, let your senses feed your mind and let the mind do everything in automatic. For me now, no matter how much pressure is riding on a putt, it does not bother me at all cause I approach each putt like I take each step and I find I am making more putts because of that mental approach.

Another thought on putting is to throw the putt to the chains as if you are throwing to a little kid that has trouble catching. Put it softly right in his hands.

Let me also add:

Practice, Practice, Practice. Try to Putt everyday if you can even if it is throwing to a tree in the yard. Practice in your mind as well. Visualize and daydream about putting.

I hope that helps your putting game, unless you are playing against me, then don't follow any of my advice :)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Tuesday Disc Golf at Rutgers and my first ace of the year

Headed up to Rutgers Disc Golf Course for some rounds of Disc Golf. I got my 345th Ace.

Cubby's 345th Ace Photo.

Cubby's 345th Ace Video.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Disc Golf is all about passion!

Check out this video of my firend Michael. He is an Israeli Disc Golf Champion and Boomarang Champion. In this video he takes Disc Golf to the streets! I love it!!

Here is a link to Michael's YOUTUBE Channel. Tell him Cubby sent you.

I salute Michael's passion for Disc Golf. Just makes me want to go out and play another 24 hours of Disc Golf in the remnants of a hurricane and Norester.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Cubby co-hosts Disc Golf Monthly Episode 56 for coverage of the 2008 North vs. South Disc Golf Tournament at Codorus State Park

Click on the video clips below to see Cubby co-hosting Disc Golf Monthly Episode 56.

Video Clip 1 of 6.

Video Clip 2 of 6

Video Clip 3 of 6.

Video Clip 4 of 6.

Video Clip 5 of 6.

Video Clip 6 of 6.

Thanks to my co-host Matt and producer Kevin for another great Episode. You can see more of Kevin's work on his YOUTUBE channel. Click on the following link:

Friday, January 02, 2009

Thursday Disc Golf at Sedgley Woods. The first Disc Golf of 2009.

Headed to Philadelphia, PA to compete in the 31st annual New Years Day Disc Golf Tournament at the Sedgley Woods Disc Golf Course. This is one event I go to every year. It is one round of 22 holes. There were 131 Disc Golfers at the event. I usually arrive at sunrise and play lots of rounds before the Noon start of the event, but this year I arrived just before the start of the event. With all of the Disc Golf I got in last week, I was a little too sore to start the day at sunrise.

Phil, Cubby, Zander, Mike, and Jake.

Here is the group I played with during the tournament. We had a good time during the round. I ended up tied for first place with Dave Adams from Vineland in the AM Masters Division with a 3 under par. Jake took first in the Pro Open division. It was my first time playing with Jake. It was a real treat to watch him play. He ended up at 12 under par.

Lots of Disc Golfers at the New Years Day event.

Plenty of food was on hand for the event.

Barry and Topher looking over the scorcards.

Bear the Frisbee Dog.

Uhle got the only Hole In One during the event. Maybe the World's first Ace of 2009! He got it on Hole 3. I was in the group behind him. I gave hole 3 a run myself hitting the basket on a skip shot drive.

Here I am with Kevin, the producer of Disc Golf Monthly the Disc Golf TV show that I have had the pleasure of co-hosting. We got in two rounds of Night Disc Golf after the event.

It was a cold day, in the 20's. After playing Night Disc Golf with Kevin, I hung out around the fire with some of the locals until 11:30PM and then headed back home to Jersey. Spending the day at Sedgley Woods was a great way to ring in the New Year. It was nice to see so many of my friends at the event. Happy 2009! I have one New Year's resolution: Play more Disc Golf!!!