Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cubby gets his 100th Ace of the year!

WOW! 100 Aces in 2006, before the end of the 11th Month! But more about that later.

Headed up to Rutgers for some Disc Golf after work. Got a call from Big John while I was on the way up to Rutgers and he said he would meet me on the course.

Big John and I played a couple of rounds and then we played some holes with Scot Wittman, the legendary forehand shooter and lifelong player at Rutgers Disc Golf Course. Scot got his first Ace at Rutgers back in the mid 80's.

Big John gave me a couple of chances to win back my old putter if I could Ace with it on hole 9, but I failed in two successive rounds. That would have been sweet. Big John had to leave so I continued on. I got my 152nd Ace on Hole 18. It was my 100th Ace of the year, my 8th lefty Ace, and my 2nd Lefty Skip Ace. Looking back to 2004 my best year for Aces was 6. In 2005 I had 25 Aces and could not imagine improving on that number. 2006 was a milestone in so many ways, learning to throw lefty this year was a gift. Life is good, really good! I have learned that anything is possible if you have the passion and dedication to make it happen. Believe in accomplishing the impossible and have confidence in your self. A fair amount of skill and lots of good luck helps.

Cubby's 152nd Ace Photo

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesday in New York

Cubby and Karl headed up to the Albany area of New York to play Joralemon Park Disc Golf Course. We played two rounds and chatted with one of the local players between rounds

Cubby, Jeffrey, and Karl

Here is a video of Cubby and Karl playing a round of Disc Golf at Joralemon Disc Golf Course. Slow motion video of each tee shot.

After playing our rounds at Joralemon, we headed to Warwick Park Disc Golf Course in New York. We played a round from The long tees to the long baskets and a round on the Wolf Woods course before heading back home.

Monday Night at Rutgers

Had to swing by Trenton after work to drop off some things to my youngest (away at college), then I headed to Rutgers for some Night Disc Golf. Got my 151st Ace on Hole 12.

Cubby's 151st Ace Photo

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cubby, Big John, and Eric on the road in Philadelphia

We all met up at 4:30 AM and headed to our favorite Diner for a hearty breakfast. Big John can't stand the site of me eating breakfast. I mix up my breakfast with Ketchup and he calls it discgusting. Here are the before and after pictures of my breakfast this morning, you be the judge.

We started our first round at Sedgley Woods Disc Golf Course in Philadelphia just before sunrise and played until sunset.

Notice Big John is now bringing my old putter to hold in our pre-round photos, way to rub it in Big John!

Here is the first pre-round photo we took, Big John still flying high after retiring my favorite putter puts my old putter in front of my face just before the shutter clicks.

Cubby and Big John played a round with Steve and Keith and Eric joined us later in the round. Cubby got his 150th Ace during that round and just missed another one skipping off of the top of the basket on Hole 13. It was my 7th Lefty Ace.

Cubby's 150th Ace Photo

Thanks to Big John and Eric for another great road trip. I should have taken a picture of the monster Cheesesteak Subs we had on the way home.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Cubby bids farewell to his Putter

Headed up to Rutgers for some Night Disc Golf with Big John.

Got my 148th and 149th Aces on Hole 9

Cubby's 148th Ace Photo

Cubby's 149th Ace Photo

After I got my 149th Ace and we got the Disc and I marked it and took a picture of the Disc, it was Big John's turn to take his drive on Hole 9 during that round, I challenged Big John to try to hit the Ace with my Putter (My favorite Putter). Big John has always commented that he would love to get rid of my Putter because of all the Putts I hit, so I think to myself, the only chance he has of getting rid of my putter is if he Aces with it. So I hand him my putter and he stands at the tee ready to take on the challenge.

I ran down behind the basket to egg him on and he took his drive and I watched my putter perfectly sail to the basket into the chains for the Ace. As tradition would have it, you Ace with the disc and it gets retired, so Big John now has my putter for his trophy wall. It was a sweet shot. Hmmmmmm. Time for me to replace my putter.

Here is a picture of the inscription I wrote on the back of the Putter after Big John got the Ace.

Here is a picture of me giving Big John my Putter.

Here is Big John in celebration after retiring Cubby's all time favorite Putter.

It was a a great night of Disc Golf. Time to start going through my putters. Way to go Big John!!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cubby, Big john, and Eric on the road

We headed to Gettyburg, PA on Tuesday night in preparation for some Disc Golf on Wednesday in Pennsylvania. After we arrived in Gettysburg, Eric took us to a great place to eat and we played Darts for a couple of hours. Big John was the hot shooter and is pictured below with the trophy.

Cubby, Big John, and Eric at Coduras Park Disc Golf Course

A Slow Motion Video of Cubby, Big John, and Eric playing a round of Disc Golf at Codorus (Drives only)

After playing a round at Coduras, Cubby and Big John played a round on the Nine Hole Mini Disc Golf Course, Eric took some pics of our round.

A video of Cubby and Big John played a round of Mini Disc Golf.

We played one more round of regular Disc Golf and headed to Bolder Woods Disc Golf course to play a round.

Cubby, Eric, and Big John at Boulder Woods.

Cubby, Big John, and Eric playing a round of Disc Golf at Boulder Woods.

After Boulder woods we headed to Buchmiller Park Disc Golf Course to play a round of Disc Golf before heading back home.

Cubby, Big John, and Eric at Buchmiller Park Disc Golf Course.

Thanks to Eric for the free rooms in Gettysburg and to Eric and Big John for a fun trip.

I will post video the Boulder Woods video at a later date.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cubby gets 2 Aces on Sunday

Headed up to Rutgers for a couple of rounds of Disc Golf before heading to Rob's for a day of Disc Golf.

Played lots of rounds of Disc Golf at Rob's private 9 Hole Disc Golf Course (Bunker Hill). We had some fun and competitive rounds. Got my second 3 on Rob's longest Hole 6 (710 feet), only two 3's have ever been scored on that hole. Got my 146th (lefty) and 147th Aces at Bunker Hill. After it got dark we walked into town for some pizza. Thanks for a great time Rob! The course is lookng great and Rob has made many improvements. (I will post some video of one of our rounds at a later date)

Cubby's 146th Ace Photo (Night Hole 4)

Cubby's 147th Ace Photo (Hole 2)

Video of Cubby and Rob playing 9 holes of Disc Golf at Bunker Hill, The "Where's My Hat" round.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Cubby gets 2 Aces on Friday

Headed up to Rutgers for some Disc Golf after work. A nice day but very windy. Played solo until I ran into Steve and Dave.

Cubby, Dave, and Steve.

Played Disc Golf with Steve and Dave, we thought I had an ace on Hole 1 as we heard the disc bang the chains, (Blind shot to the basket) as we walked up the disc was on the ground, just didn't hold the chains. Steve's friend Ben joined us later in the round. When it got dark everyone had to go except for me, with rush hour traffic in full effect I kept on playing. Got my 144th Ace on Hole 18 and my 145th Ace on Hole 9.

Cubby's 144th Ace Photo

Cubby's 145th Ace Photo

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The "Cubby"

No Disc Golf today, bad storms marching up the east coast, Big John convinced me to not venture out in the bad weather to play.

I want to thank a loyal viewer, Quincy for the cool artwork he sent to me via E-mail when I was on the road in Virginia. Here is the pic Quincy sent me. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tuesday at Rutgers

Headed up to Rutgers to play some afternoon Disc Golf with Big John. We played 4 rounds. Good to be back home Disc Golfing! I got my 143rd Ace on Hole 9 at 5 PM, 11/14/2006.

Cubby's 143rd Ace Photo

Played a round with BOB and Kyle before heading back home.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Tournament Day Two Virginia

What a change in the weather. Sunday was cold, windy and rainy. When I say windy, I am talking about trees blowing down while we were playing the final nine in the woods.....but I am getting ahead of myself. For Day 2 of the tournament we played a round from the long tees at Newport News in the rain. I managed to shoot well enough to stay in the top 3 and the top 3 played a final round of 9 holes from the Long, long tees. After All was said and done in the Advanced Masters Division it was Paul in first, Papa Skip in Second and Cubby in third. It was a fun day of Disc Golf in some tough conditions. After the Awards ceremony Big John and I got on the road and headed back to New Jersey. I got home at 1 AM. Thanks to Big John for being my caddy during the event. His sound advice and coaching kept me in the event.

Tournament Round Three (Papa Skip, Cubby, Paul, Rick)

Tournament Final Nine (Cubby, Papa Skip, Paul)

Some Slo-Motion Video of Cubby taken by Big John during the tournament plus Advanced Masters Awards Ceremony.

A big thanks to all my friends in Virginia that made this Disc Golf trip a most memorable and fun experience. I'll be back to Newport News next November!

Papa Skip and Cubby (Signed Discs)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Tournament Day One Virginia

Big John and I arrived at Newport News Park Disc Golf course at 6 AM and we played 2 rounds. Today was the first day of the 9th Annual Fall Colors Disc Golf Tournament. Big John's knee injury side lined him from the Tournament so he caddied for me today. My division, Advanced Masters played at New Quarter Park. My first round from the shorts was a 59 and my second round from the longs was 66. Puts me in second in my divison. Tomorrow will be at Newport News for my divison.

Tournament Round One (Cubby, Buddy, Rick, Ty)

Tournament Round Two (Papa Skip, Cubby, Al, Rick)

Tim came out to watch some for the second round at New Qaurter and after the round, Tim and I played until the park closed.

Tim and I went over to Keith's course for some night Disc Golf.

Night Disc Golf at Rockahoc (Cubby, Tim, Keith)

We played Two rounds. I got back to the hotel at 11 PM. It was a long day of Disc Golf, but a fun one. Time for me to get some sleep.

After the Tournament ends tomorrow, Big John and I will drive back to New Jersey.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Another great day in Virginia, and Ace 142 for Cubby

Big John and I headed up to Keith's house to play 2 rounds on his private 18 hole course. We had a blast!!!!!!!!!!! Kudos to Keith for some very well designed holes.

Video of Cubby, Big John, and Keith playing a round at Rockahock.

Keith presented me with the original tee sign that was on Hole 13 at the Newport News Disc Golf Course when I got my first Ace back in 1998. The original Tee signs were replace with new ones a couple of years ago. This is a special piece of Disc Golf memorabilia for my Ace Collection.

After playing at Keith's place we all went to New Quarter Park to play the newly installed 18 hole Disc Golf Course in Williamsburg, VA. Big John spotted a Bald Eagle in flight as we entered the park, it was a great site.The course is a mixture of open and wooded holes. This course is fun and challenging. It is a fine addition to the other great courses in Virginia. Got to chat with my old friend Mike August, one of the course designers for New Quarter Park Disc Golf Course.

New Quarter Park Disc Golf Course (Cubby, Big John, Keith)

Cubby and Big John strike a pose with my good friend Mike August (New Quarter Park DGC Course Designer) Keith and Shane Irwin in the background. Check out Shane's great Disc Golf page Eastern Shore Disc Golf Club, he is doing some great things for the sport.

Video of Cubby, Big John, and Keith playing a round of Disc Golf at New Quarter Park Disc Golf Course in Williamsburg, Virginia.

After playing New Quarter Park, we headed back to play Newport News Park. Cubby got his 142nd Ace on Hole 16 at 3:14 PM with a Innova Pro Valkyrie. The round with the ace was a 15 under round for me, tying my best round at Newport News.

Cubby's 142nd Ace Photo

Ran into many old friends at Newport News and Tim and Otis joined me and Big John for some late afternoon Disc Golf.

It was another great day of Disc Golf! Tomorrow is the first day of the 9th Annual Newport News Fall Colors Disc Golf Tournament.

Now for a special edition of the Big John's Road Report

I'm always amazed that wherever Cubby and I travel, everyone seems to know him-and he knows everyone too. He's getting a pretty cool reception here in Virginia, and these good folks are showing this Jersey guy the meaning of southern hospitality too.
The Newport News fall colors tournament is something you should consider putting on your calendar when you can. This part of the country has spectacular beauty. American history is everywhere. This is a good tournament to bring the family.
It's too bad we weren't filming the rounds that cubby aced, they were among the best looking of his aces (I should know, I've seen more than 50 of them).
This is one of the best road trips, It ranks up there with the trip to Seneca we took earlier in the year.
Fly High,
Big John