Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wednesday Disc Golf at Rutgers, DeBunker Hill, Chimney Rock, Dunham, Manalapan, and Bunker Hill.

After working 14 hours, I decided to start my Disc Golf day off early. Here I am at Rutgers at 2AM. I got my 207th Ace on Hole 1.

Cubby's 207th Ace Photo.

Here I am at DeBunker Hill Disc Golf Course. This is Max Devane's Course. Here we are at 6AM. Max took around on the short and long layout. I got my 208th Ace on Hole 3 Blue during round 3. Max's dog Suzee is in the background.

Cubby's 208th Ace Photo.

Max puts on one of his two home made hanging baskets.

Cubby takes a lefty drive on a nice hole with the other hanging basket.

Here I am at Chimney Rock Disc Golf Course the third course of the day.

Looks like recent damage to the bridge on the lower portion of the course.

Here I am at Dunham Disc Golf Course for more rounds.

A nice wood sculpture with Hole 7 fairway in the background.

Here I am at Manalapan Rec. Center Disc Golf Course. The temperature got up to 98 degrees today. I got my 209th Ace on Hole 9.

Cubby's 209th Ace Photo.

Cubby's 209th Ace Video.

Cubby, RobZ, and MaxD at Bunker Hill. My 6th and final course of the day. I set a new course record at 3 under and max tied the record during the next round. I also got my 4th Ace of the day during the night round.

MaxD makes this putt for the first 3 ever on Hole 6 Basket (The longest hole on the course).

Cubby's 210th Ace Photo.

It was a fun day of Disc Golf on a hot Wednesday, temps in the upper 90's. I played 6 courses from 2 in the morning until almost 10 at night. 4 Aces on the day on 4 different courses. Thanks to RobZ and MaxD for some fun Disc Golf.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Chicago and America in concert.

Who says that I only play Disc Golf????? On Sunday night I went to the Borgata in Atlantic City to see Chicago and America in concert. It was a great show and me and the Mrs. had front row center seats. I got two guitar picks from Chicago.

Recent Youtube video of America.

Recent Youtube video of Chicago.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wednesday at Rutgers and Bunker Hill

After the rainy morning, I headed up to Rutgers for some Disc Golf. Got in some rounds and then Steve came by to play.

We played 3 rounds that were very fun and competitive.

Round 1 Cubby -11 Steve -10
Round 2 Cubby -11 Steve -10
Round 3 Cubby -11 Steve -9

Here is a squirel at Rutgers in front of Hole 1 tee. We saw a hawk swoop down and snatch one of these guys in it's talons and fly away on Hole 15. The poor creature looked like luggage.

After Rutgers I headed up to Rob Z's private Bunker Hill Disc Golf Course for some rounds. Rob beat me by a stroke the first round and many more strokes on the second round. After the sun went down we played night Disc Golf to -10 under. Cubby won that one.

I also got an Ace on hole 2 during the first round at Bunker Hill. Thanks for the Dollar Rob :)

Cubby's 206th Ace Photo

I lost a Champion Valkyrie on Hole 8. Hopefully Rob will find it during the daylight hours.

During the night round, Rob was using a light for his disc called Black Jax Light Pod. It looked cool on the disc but did not last long as it frequently came off of the disc and the light would turn off when the disc hit the ground and on the 4th hole we played the case came apart at impact and we could not find the the internal parts because of darkness.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday at Manalapan

Headed up to Manalapan Recreation Center Disc Golf Course after work to get in some rounds before sunset.

Eric, Cubby and Steve.

Played some rounds with Steve and Eric. Steve has been playing Disc Golf for about 2 weeks and Eric was out on the course for the first time playing Disc Golf.

Gered, Cubby, Steve, and Eric

Gered joined us for some more rounds until sunset. I stayed and played until 11PM.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Dinner and Night Disc Golf

Here we are at Famous Dave's for Ribs!!!!!
Big John and Don came down to the shore to take me out to Dinner to celebrate my recent Ace on Hole 10 at Rutgers. Hole 10 was the only hole I did not have an Ace at Rutgers. During Dinner I showed Big John and Don a new product I received for testing. It is called the "Hole-In One" Flashflight from Playhard, Inc. After Dinner we went up to Rutgers for some Night Disc Golf and to test out the new light. The light is an LED light and it attaches to the disc by putting a hole in the disc and pushing a part of the light device through the hole that locks the light to the disc.

Here we are with our new lights on. They are very bright.

Cubby and Big John attached the lights per the manufacturer instructions (Hole in Disc for attachment). By doing so, you could never use the disc in PDGA tournaments as a perforated flight plate violates the rules of play. For casual Disc Golfers, I am sure putting a hole in the disc won't be a problem. On Don's disc I taped the light to the bottom of the disc using clear duct tape so the disc could be used in the future for PDGA play. I loved the brightness of the lights. The down side for me is placing a hole in your disc. One problem we found was that through the rigors of using the disc on the Disc Golf Course that the light popped out of the disc twice for me and once for Big John after hitting a tree. Another problem is that the light turns off frequently when the disc lands as the ground accuates the on and off mechanism. I will contact the company and give them my feedback. We had our best success with Don's disc. The light was taped to the bottom of his disc with the on and off mechanism surface against the disc. But Don's disc also had the light turn off on a tree impact. For playing catch with a frisbee this product would be perfect for night play. I will keep you posted on updates on this new product.

Here is one of the course skunks.

After Big John and Don left I played some more rounds and got my 205th Ace with the "Hole-In-One" light on my disc.

Cubby's 205 Ace Photo

Cubby's 205th Ace Video

Thanks to the good folks at Playhard, Inc. for sending me some lights for testing. Here is a link to the new light.

UPDATE (6/21/2007)

I got a call from Jeff at Playhard, Inc. thanking me for testing out the lights. Our testing revealed a problem in production. An unauthorized change was made to the circuit card in the light assembly by the manufacturer and that is causing the problems with the light going out on impact. Jeff told me that considerable thought and engineering was put into the circuit card assembly to account for a disc striking a tree or the ground and that the current lights have a modified circuit board that was not authorized by Palyhard, Inc. Jeff is working to fix the problem. I will keep you posted. I intend on continuing to use my light but will tape it under the disc. I will keep you posted on this product as I think this will be a great product once the circuit card issue is resovlved.

I want to thank Jeff for sending me the product for testing and his genuine interest in my feedback and his desire to make this product the best that it can be.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Night Disc Golf at Rutgers

Headed up to Rutgers Disc Golf Course after work on Thursday arriving at the course at 1:40 AM on Friday. Got my 203rd and 204th Aces.

Cubby's 203rd Ace Photo

Cubby's 204th Ace Photo

Cubby's Finger Tape Photo

Here is a pic showing how I tape my right hand.

Some dream the dream

Some live the dream

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesday at Rutgers Disc Golf Course

Headed up to Rutgers Disc Golf Course to meet up with Big John for some Disc Golf.

Miguel joined us for round 2.

Don (with Andrew and Melanie) joined us for round 3.

We had lunch at Fudruckers after round 4.

Kyle joined us for round 5.

Bob and TJ joined me for round 7.

Elaine and Casey joined us during round 7.

It was a fun day of Disc Golf today at Rutgers.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cubby gets 2 lefty Aces

After a very long day of work at the boardwalk with a big Saturday crowd, as I closed the store at 3:30AM with my back killing me and tired, I decided to head up to Rutgers for some Disc Golf forcing myself to get out and play instead of letting work be an excuse for me not getting out to play. I stopped for breakfast before arriving at the course. During the first round I saw 3 skunks. One on Hole 8 (the usual starting hole) and 2 skunks on Hole 13. Here are some pictures of the skunks. I got pretty close to them being very sneaky. I've learned how to approach them without getting sprayed.

Two skunks

A skunk close encounter

For the second round I decided to throw all lefty drives. Once again starting on hole 8. I got my 201st Ace (9th lefty Ace) on Hole 9. I had to go back to the car to get new batteries for the camera so I could take the usual trophy picture of the Ace on 9. When I got back from the car I took the standard pics and then I tee'd off on Hole 10 and got my 202nd Ace (10th Lefty Ace) It was a great shot. I had my hands up in the air like Rocky as the disc was half way to the hole, I just flet like it was going to go in from seeing the route and sure enough it stuck. Hole 10 was the last hole I needed to Ace every hole at Rutgers so it was an extra special Ace!

Cubby's 201st Ace Photo

Cubby's 202nd Ace Photo

Hole 10 back of number plate inscription

After getting the Ace on 10 I decided to head home so I could get some sleep before heading back for another long work day. I am glad I forced myself to get out and play, it paid off way beyond my greatest expectations. Now I am heading to bed.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Cubby gets his 200th Ace

Headed to Manalapan to play a couple of rounds before heading to Rob Z's House for the first week of his Bunker Hill Summer Series Challenge. When I got to the course I met Rob B. and on the third hole of our first round I got my 200th Ace, a nice skip shot. We played 3 rounds.

Cubby and Rob B.

Cubby's 200th Ace Photo

Cubby and Rob Z. got to play a round before everyone else showed up.

Don, Cubby, Rob Z, Ken, and Jay

Here we are at Bunker Hill and Don as usual tries to disrupt the customary picture at the basket. We cooked out before the event.

This was the first of three Summer Series days at Bunker Hill. We palyed 2 rounds of 12 holes and at night played to 10 under on the night holes two times. Don got an Ace at 9:15 PM on Hole 2. Cubby had a pretty wild long shot bounce duece on Hole 7 that helped set the course record for the new 12 hole layout. It was a blast playing at Manalapan and Bunker Hill today. Rob Z. really had Bunker Hill looking good and was a great host for the event today.