Sunday, November 30, 2008

Saturday Night Disc Golf at Rutgers

Headed up to Rutgers on Saturday after work for some rounds of Night Disc Golf with Karl. We got in 6 rounds. I scored -9, -9, -10, -15, -14, -6. I was throwing lots fo mid range discs and throwing them well. Those that play Disc Golf with me at Rutgers know I like using overstable drivers for every shot but putting. A recent correction in my release and follow thru has me now throwing mid range discs straight and accurate and loving it! Looks like my Skip Aces will not happen as often with this new throwing style.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday Disc Golf at Rutgers, Sedgley Woods, and Branchwood

Headed up to Rutgers for some Disc Golf. Miguel and his son Miggy G. are meeting me at the course. I got there at 7AM and played some holes until the others arrived.

Cubby, Miguel, and Miggy G.

We got in two rounds. I continue to play well. Seems like I am out of the playing slump. It was great to finally meet Miggy G. and throw some rounds with the Miguel and Son.

Cubby and E-man.

After Rutgers I headed to Philadelphia to get in some rounds at Sedgley Woods. I got in one round with E-Man and one solo.

I forgot to take the customary photo at one of the course baskets.

After playing at Sedgley I headed up to Branchwood to finish out the day playing until darkness. It was very windy. I got my 335th and 336th Aces.

Cubby's 335th Ace Photo.

Cuby's 336th Ace Photo.

I'd say my game is definately back (for now). Some changes I made to my release are really paying off.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Disc Golf at Green Acres

Headed up to Tim E.'s private Green Acres Course for some rounds with Tim and Miguel. Miguel was running late so Tim and I started the first round. Miguel joined us later in the round. I have not been playing well most of the month of November, but today I played very well including my putting. I tied the course record from the Blue Tees at 9 under and beat Tim by 10 strokes (that's a first). After the first round we had a nice lunch in Tim's Clubhouse. Beef Stew and Macoroni and Cheese. It was delicious.

Cubby, Tim, and Miguel.

Here we are at the start of round two. Tim and I tied with a 6 under. Miguel was not far behind. Tim also had a nice Ace on Hole 14. Bad time for me to get my fist bogey of the day, a 3 stroke swing.

Tim's Ace Photo.

We played 9 more holes and Miguel lost a disc. It was great to get out to Tim's and throw some rounds with Tim and Miguel.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Cubby adds Live Video Streaming to his Disc Golf Blog

If you look at the upper right hand corner of this blog you will see a small video window with the title above it that reads "Check to see if Cubby is streaming Live Video". I intend to stream live video whenever I am home on the computer. There is also a chat mode with the video so if you see me online streaming video stop by and say hello. We can chat about Disc Golf and I'll answer any questions you may have about the sport of Disc Golf. I also hope to have live video streaming of me practice putting in the backyard as well.

Big John and Miguel were the first Disc Golfers to check out my Live Video Streaming yesterday. I should have it set up every night after work if I am not out on the course.

Here is the link to my Live Video Streaming Channel:

I hope to see you all online.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday Disc Golf at Marshall Street

Pyramids Disc Golf Course
Hole 18 Silver basket (Marshall Street)

I left my house at 2:30AM Saturday morning to drive up to Marshall Street for a doubles tournament at the Pyramids Disc Golf Course. I arrived at 7:00AM.

Cubby, Karl, Bill, Jesse, Cris, and Doug.

In the above picture I am teamed up with Karl M. There were 3 groups per hole. Karl and I scored a 59 from the Gold Tees on a bitter cold and windy day. We ended up 2 strokes behind the leaders in the Century Division (Both players ages added to meet or exceed 100 years old).

Karl just missed a getting a skip Ace on a nice overhand thow. He skipped off of the yellow band on the Discatcher Target.

Cubby, Karl, Bill, Mike, John, and Jim.

Here is the group I played with during the second round. I managed to lose another putter and did not play well. We lost another stroke to the leaders finishing tied for second.

After the round we all had a great meal at the course and a charity auction followed the meal. Lots of cool stuff at the auction.

Check out these cool homemade Disc Golf Targets.

Go online and check out all the cool Disc Golf stuff on the Marshall Street Website:

A picture of the terrain and Silver and Gold basket positions on one of the holes.

I drove back to New Jersey after the charity auction getting home at 4:30AM on Sunday moring. Got 5 hours of sleep and then off to work.

Thanks to everyone at Marshall Street for a great event. Looking forward to next year.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Disc Golf at Bunker Hill and Green Acres

Headed up to Rob's private Bunker Hill Disc Golf Course early Sunday morning for a round of Disc Golf. Here we are at Hole 18 basket. This basket was made by Tim E. and previously used at his Green Acres Disc Golf Course. Tim donated the target to Rob's course. Rob added some new paint and chains. I lost my putter after the round when we were playing some holes. The putter is somewhere under the leaves at Rob's course.

Rob made some nice commemorative bag tags for all players that have a Bunker Hill Ace. I will post a picture of the tag at a later date. Four players have Aces at Bunker Hill with Cubby leading at 10 Aces, Rob at 2, Don at 2, and Miguel at 1.

Sunrise at Bunker Hill.

Cubby, Mike, Tim, Tom, and Miguel.

After playing at Rob's I headed to Tim's private Bunker Hill Disc Golf Course for a couple of rounds before going to work. I did not play well. I hit way too many trees and my putting is off. I think I will have to focus on putting this week.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wednesday Disc Golf at Bunker Hill and Rutgers

Headed up to Rob's private Bunker Hill Disc Golf Course for three rounds with Rob. I got to the course at 11:30, Rob joined me at Noon.

We got in three rounds on the current 18 hole layout. Rob's course has grown over the years and the current layout is a good one.

Cubby is one of only three people to ever get a 3 on hole 9 (650 feet). In this picture you can see the 80 foot putt I had to make today to get the 3. For the three rounds, I shot 2 under, 1 over, and 2 under. I chained out on my drive on the second hole of the first round.

After playing at Rob's, I headed to Rutgers for more Disc Golf.

Here I am with John, Chris, and Spook Handy. Chris lost his white Aviar putter on Hole 9 buried somewhere under the leaves. We spent 20 minutes trying to find it.

Here I am with Rich. We got in 3 rounds playing until 11PM. I finished the last round strong with a 12 under.
I need to work on my putting game as it has been terrible since my Virginia Trip in late October. Time to hit the practice baskets in the backyard.
Yes, it was too cold to be wearing shorts today.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday Disc Golf at Green Acres

Cubby, Don, Tim, Tom, Miguel, and Mike.

Headed to Tim's private Green Acres Disc Golf Course Sunday morning for some rounds of Disc Golf before going to work.

Max, Cubby, Mike, Tim, Rob, Don, Tom, and Miguel.

Rob and Max joined us after some holes so we started round 1 over. Max and Don tied followed by Cubby. During the second round Don won and Cubby came in second.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Wednesday Disc Golf at Rutgers and Tyler and in the studio for work on a future Disc Golf Monthly Episode

Headed to Rutgers on Wednesday for some Disc Golf. The course looked great with the fall colors peak. I got my 334th Ace.

Cubby's 334th Ace Photo.

Cubby's 334th Ace Video.

After Rutgers I headed to Tyler State Park Disc Golf Course for a round of 27 holes with Matt LaCourte. Matt beat me by 5 strokes.

After our round at Tyler we headed to Kevin McGorry's studio for production work on a future Disc Golf Monthly Episode.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Cubby co-hosts Disc Golf Monthly Episode 54 with Matt LaCourte for coverage of two Grudge Matches at the Duck Golf Disc Golf Tournament in Virginia.

Matt and Cubby in the studio during the production of Episode 54.

Check out Episode 54 of Disc Golf Monthly in the video clips posted below featuring two Disc Golf Grudge Matches at Burke Lake Park Disc Golf Course in Virginia at the 2008 Duck Golf Disc Golf Tournament.

DGM54 Video Clip 1 of 6.

DGM54 Video Clip 2 of 6.

DGM54 Video Clip 3 of 6.

DGM54 Video Clip 4 of 6.

DGM54 Video Clip 5 of 6.

DGM54 Video Clip 6 of 6.

Thanks to the Producer and Cameraman of Disc Golf Monthly, Kevin McGorry for letting me be a part of this great Disc Golf production and to Matt LaCourte a great Disc Golfer to have as a co-host.

You can see more of Kevin's Disc Golf Monthly Episodes by going to YOUTUBE and searching for the DiscGolfMonthly channel.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Day five in Virginia: A road trip report from Cubby's Disc Golf Vacation

I got a late start getting back on the road to head home to New Jersey. I stopped in Richmond to play Bryan Park Disc Golf Course. I got my 333rd Ace on Hole 7. This is a fantastic Disc Golf Course with lots of elevation changes and drives over water. This course is worth going out of your way to play. I saw Gabe on the course. I threw some practice holes with Gabe before the first round of the Fall Colors event on Saturday.

Driving into the park I saw this Hawk enjoying a meal. Looks like this Squirrel was not paying attention.

Cubby's 333rd Ace Photo.

This is a really cool way to let players know what direction to go for the next tee. There are two sets of tees on the this course, Blue and Gold. You can see the spoke on the top of the basket painted in blue and gold and even a hint of which tee is a shorter walk.

I stopped at Arlington National Cemetery to visit Mom's grave. We all miss you Mom!

It was a very enjoyable 5 days in Virginia although the trip was not the same without Big John. I am looking forward to next year. Thanks to all the players that joined me for rounds while I was on the road.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Day fourth in Virginia: A road trip report from Cubby's Disc Golf Vacation

Headed to Newport News Park Disc Golf Course for some Disc Golf rounds before the start of the second day of the 11th Annual Fall Colors Disc Golf Tournament.

Cubby, Dwight, and Tim.

Here is the group I played with during the first round on the event on Sunday. Dwight loved using the Skeeter Disc and he made lots of nice putts with it. I know Miguel will appreciate that. During the round Tim got an Ace on Hole 5 Long Tee (263 feet) with a forehand shot, It was an awesome throw!

Tim's Ace Photo.

Check out Dwight's Disc Golf Tatoo. He got the Tatoo to commemorate his first Disc Golf Hole in One this year at Bennetts Creek Park Disc Golf Course.

Cubby, Dwight, and Tim.

Here I am with the group I played with during the final 9 of the event on Sunday.

Here is Tim putting on Hole 2.

Tim won the Advanced Masters division. Cubby came in second in the division and Dwight in third. It was a real treat to play all the Tournament Rounds with Tim. He can really throw the long shot and is a great competitor. Thanks to all the folks who were involved in with the Tournament. The courses were in great shape and he event was fun.

Cubby, Lea, Tim, Mike A., Mike B., Mick, and Otis.

After the event a group of us got in 9 more holes before it got dark. I started Disc Golfing with Mike A, Mike, B., and Otis since the course opened in 1998.

Monday will be a travel day back to New Jersey. I plan on hitting some course on the way home.

Day three in Virginia: A road trip report from Cubby's Disc Golf Vacation

Ty, Cubby, Gabe, and Avery.

Today (Saturday) was the first day of the 11th Annual Fall Colors Disc Golf Tournament. Here we are getting some practice in at New Quarter Park DGC before the first round of the event.

Tim, Cubby, and Shane.

Here is the group I played with during the first round of the tournament. I shot a 54 putting me in a two stroke lead in the Advanced Masters Division.

Jimmy, Cubby, and Tim.

Here is the group I played with during the second round of the tournament. This round was from the long tees. Tim shot his best round from the long tees with a hot 56 round and I sruggled carding a 64.

Keith, Meech (facing backwards), Big Head, Lana, Ryan and Cubby on the front row.
After the tournament round I eaded to Keith's course for some Night Disc Golf. Headed back to my room after Midnight.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Day two in Virginia: A road trip report from Cubby's Disc Golf Vacation

Headed up to new Quarter Park Disc Golf Course in Willimsburg, VA Friday morning for some rounds of Disc Golf.

Cubby and Ty

Fellow Advanced Master Ty joined me for a round. Here we are in the Pro shop after the round.

I decided to spend the rest of the daylight hours back at Newport News Park Disc Golf Course. Here I am with Roy. We got in some rounds together. Roy was with me last year when I got my 250th Ace on this hole at Newport News Park DGC.

Tim, Otis, Alan, and Cubby.

Here I am with the over 40 bunch. Cubby managed a 1 stroke victory during the round with a long Putt on Hole 18 to go to 11 under.

Keith Z., Cubby, Keith B., Lana, and Big Head.

After the park closed I headed to Keith B's private Rockahock Disc Golf Course for a round of Night Disc Golf. Here we are in the clubhouse. I just missed getting my first Ace on the course when I chained out on a nice lefty drive. Keith and I finished playing after Midnight.