Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday Disc Golf at Debunker Hill, Bunker Hill, Green Acres, and Rutgers Disc Golf Courses, The 2009 Battle of Jersey Disc Golf Tournament.

Mike D., Mike K., Roger, Cubby, Tim, Tom, Miguel, Rob, Don, Max.

Headed over to Max's Debunker Hill Disc Golf Course for the 2nd Annual Battle of Jersey Disc Golf Tournament. This eventis played on 3 private Disc Golf courses (The Debunker Hill course is available public play). We had a nice breakfast before the event started.

The hot rounds on this course: Max(53), Tom(54), Tim(55)

Mike R, (in front of the basket) joined us for round 2 and 3.

The second course we played was Rob's Bunker Hill Disc Golf Course.

The hot rounds on this course: Max(49), Cubby(51), Sidearm Mike(51)

The final course we played was Tim's Green Acres Disc Golf Course.

We had pizza before the round.

The hot rounds on this course: Tom(53), Max(55), Tim(55)

First Place (Two years in a row): Max! Score: 157

Second Place (winning a playoff) Tom! Score: 163

Third Place (after a long recovery from shoulder surgery) Tim! Score: 163

The 2009 Battle of Jersey top three.

Max wins the NUTSAC Disc Golf Bag that was donated by the good people that make this fine product. Check out their bags at:

After the event we grilled Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, and Bratwursts. Miguel's Chili was delicious!

After the event, Don and I headed to Rutgers for some more Disc Golf. We played two rounds of skins, a buck a hole 50 cents a CTP. Don won 3 bucks both rounds.

Tom joined us during the rounds and Tom and I played a round after Don left. It was great to hear that Tom has 5 Aces since I last played Disc Golf with him. He has some black aces too. Tom has my twitter updates goiung to his phone like Miguel so we should get to play lots or rounds together in the future.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday Disc Golf at Greenwood Meadows Disc Golf Course. Cubby gets Ace 400 on video!

It was my day off today but I did not leave the house until the afternoon. I headed up to Greenwood Meadows Disc Golf Course and got my 400th Ace! A sweet video Ace in a strong headwind. I have not played much Disc Golf in the last 3 weeks. Tennis, Bocce and Ball Golf are cutting into my Disc Golf time.

Cubby's 400th Ace Photo.

Cubby's 400th Ace Video.

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Here is my Ace cabinet with my 400th Ace disc retired with the 399 other Aces.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday morning Disc Golf at Green Acres

Headed to Tim's private Disc Golf for for some early rounds before going to work.

I won the first round by a stroke over Max to heold onto the number one tag. Max won the second round.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Monday Bocce Ball, Tuesday Ball Golf at Cruz Farms Golf Course and Cubby in the studio for Disc Golf Monthly Episode 65

On Monday I played Bocce Ball with Petey, Gene, and Joe. After Bocce it was off to work.

On Tuesday I headed to Cruz Farms Golf Course Tuesday Morning for a round of Ball Golf with Petey, Jimmy, and John. I did not play well. Jimmy gave me a book to read on Golf fundamentals written by Ben Hogan.

Matt and Cubby in the studio for DGM 65.

Tuesday evening I headed over to Pennsylvania for studio work on Disc Golf Monthly Episode 65. DGM 65 will be released in October.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Cubby co-hosts Disc Golf Monthly Episode 64. The 2009 Virginia Open Disc Golf Tournament.

Becky and Cubby in the studio for DGM 64.

Check out the video clips below of the Women's Open Pro Division competing in the 2009 Virginia Open Disc Golf Tournament.

DGM Episode 64 Video 1 of 8

DGM Episode 64 Video 2 of 8.

DGM Episode 64 Video 3 of 8

DGM Episode 64 Video 4 of 8.

DGM Episode 64 Video 5 of 8

DGM Episode 64 Video 6 of 8.

DGM Episode 64 Video 7 of 8

DGM Episode 64 Video 8 of 8.

You can check out more video of past episodes of Disc Golf Monthly at:

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Wednesday Disc Golf at Rutgers wih Team Poland and a day at the 2009 US Open Tennis Championships

Michilina, Cubby, Magdalena, and Karolina

I picked up three of my International studrents at 4:30AM and headed to the Rutgers Disc Golf Course for a round before heading to NYC to see the 2009 Tennis US Open Championships. Karoloina played Disc Golf last year with me but it was the first time for sisters Magdalena and Michilina. No Ace for me but we saw 4 deer running through the course.

Rafael Nadale practicing in Arthur Ashe Stadium.

After Disc Golf, we headed to NYC for the 2009 US Open Tennis Chasmpionships. I got to see 5 matches. The most notable players I got to watch were Venus Willams and Rafael Nadale. We had a great time and headed home around 9:30PM.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Monday Bocce Ball in Montville, Tuesday Ball Golf at Forge Pond, and Tuesday Disc Golf at Bunker Hill

Headed up to Monville, NJ to play Bocce Ball with my team members, Petey, Gene, and Joe. We are playing in a Bocce Tournament in late September and we wanted to play at the event location. Gene and I played well as a team.

On Tuesday I played ball golf with Petey and Captain Joe P. at Forge Pond. Captain Joe beat me by 4 shots. It was a nice day on the course.

After Ball Golf I headed to rob's Bunker Hill Disc Golf Course for two rounds. I was hoping to get my 400th at Rob's but only a close call was in order. Rob took the first round and I took the second one. After Rob's I headed home for some sleep.