Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday Bocce Ball, Tuesday Ball Golf, and Tuesday night / Wednesday morning Night Disc Golf all on 5 hours of sleep. One more Ace to go for 400!

Cubby at Rutgers late Tuesday Night

Here is a update on my recent sporting activities:

On Monday morning with only two of hours sleep, I played 5 rounds of Bocce Ball with Petey, Joe, and Gene. Joe and and I won 4 of the 5 games. After Bocce Ball it was off to work.

On Tuesday morning With only 3 hours of sleep I played a round of Ball Golf (walking not riding) on a hot day. My game was off but a par 5 on the 18th was a good finish. After Ball Golf it was off to work.

After I finished work on Tuesday night, (Had to switch my day off to this upcoming Friday so I can see my favorite band in concert, Chicago.) as tired as I was, I decided that I was going to play Disc Golf, especially considering a recent message from a YOUTUBE viewer telling me that he plays in any weather or condition cause Cubby does it, that was all the motivation I needed to go out and play.

As Tuesday night changed over to Wednesday morning, I got my 397th, 398th, and 399th Aces. After hitting Ace 399, I decided to go home and get some sleep as I want to make a roadtrip for the 400th.

BTW, I want to thank everyone for the great e-mails and messages I get from my blog readers and YOUTUBE viewers, they are uplifting and a pleasure to read. I try to respond as quick as I can to them, but with work there is sometimes a lag in responding on my part, but I do read them daily.

An interesting Cubby Ace factoid: This was another trio of aces like the last trio I had under an hour on the same 3 holes in the same order.

Cubby's 397th Ace Photo.

Cubby's 398th Ace Photo.

Cubby's 399th Ace Photo.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday morning Disc Golf at Rutgers and a video of Ace 396.

After I closed the store early Saturday morning, I headed to Rutgers for some Night Disc Golf. I arrived at the course at 3:30AM. I got lots of rounds in and I got Ace 396 on Hole 17 captured on video. I also chained out of Hole 14 just missing the Ace.

Cubby's 396th Ace Photo.

Cubby's 396th Ace Video.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Disc Golf at Rutgers and Ball Golf at Spring Meadows.

Cubby wearing an Ergophobia Teeshirt.

After closing the store early in the morning on Tuesday, I headed up to Rutgers for some night Disc Golf. I got my 393rd, 394th, and 395th Aces in the span of 51 minutes. I ace'd with the Pindragon, Midknight, and Axe from Black Jax Sports.

Cubby's new car. The 2010 Toyota Corrola. Parked adjacent to Hole 15 at the Rutgers Disc Golf Course.

Cubby's 393rd Ace Photo.

Cubby's 394th Ace Photo.

Cubby's 395th Ace Photo.

John, Jimmy, Cubby, and Petey.

After Disc Golf at Rutgers, I headed home for a couple of hours of sleep before meeting my friends at the Spring Meadows Golf Course for a round of Ball Golf. It was a hot day on the course. My back 9 holes was not too bad.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday morning Bocce Ball

Joe, Gene, Petey, and Cubby.

Headed over to Point Pleasant for some games of Bocce before going to work on Monday. It was a hot day with temps in the mid 90's. Gene and I took 1 of 3 games. We grilled some burgers between games.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tuesday Disc Golf at Rutgers, Sedgley Woods, and Tyler. In the studio for taping of Disc Golf Monthly Episode 64.

Headed up to Rutgers Disc Golf Course to meet up with Karl for a day of Disc Golf. We got in 3 rounds.

Here we are at the Sedgley Woods Disc Golf Course. We played one round of 27 holes.

Here we are at the Tyler State Park Disc Golf Course. We played one round of 27 holes.

Becky and Cubby on the set for DGM 64.

After Disc Golf, I headed to the studio for production of Disc Golf Monthly Episode 64 to be released in September. I think I need to get my Nikon digital camera repaired as the camera has a lens alignment problem.

After we finished in the studio, Kevin, Becky, and I went out for dinner. It was a long day of Disc Golf. I got home just before midnight.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Cubby co-hosts Disc Golf Monthly Episode 63. The 2009 Loriella Open Disc Golf Tournament. This is my 600th Blog Post!

Matt and Cubby

In the studio for DGM 63.

DGM 63 Video Clip 1 of 5.

DGM 63 Video Clip 2 of 5.

DGM 63 Video Clip 3 of 5.

DGM 63 Video Clip 4 of 5.

DGM 63 Video Clip 5 of 5.

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