Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday / Wednesday Disc Golf at Tyler and Rutgers; More Disc Golf Monthly Studio time; Cubby gets his 100th Skip Ace; plus 14 birdies in a row

Headed to Tyler State Park in Newtown, PA for a round of 27 Holes before going to the studio for Disc Golf Monthly show production.

Check out the new T-Shirts I got from I wore 3 of the 5 during this Disc Golf adventure. The shirts look great and are very comfortable for Disc Golf use. I highly recommend these T-Shirts.

Mike joined me for the last two holes at Tyler.

Matt Lacourte and Cubby in the Studio for production of a future show.

After the studio work was done I headed to Rutgers for more Disc Golf. Thanks to Big "lucky" John for posting on the message board that I was heading to Rutgers.

Jeff, Cubby, and Steve.

After 8 Holes, I was joined by Jeff and Steve for some more rounds. I got my 309th Ace on Hole 9. It was my 100th Skip Ace. The last time I hit an Ace was playing with Steve and Jeff in June.

Cubby's 309th Ace Photo.

Jeff left after two rounds and Steve and I played some more rounds.

Chris arrived as Steve was leaving and Chris and I got in lots of rounds. I shot 14 birdies in a row during the last round only to par the last 4 holes. 14 birdies in a row is my personal best. I really thought I might have a run at 18 in a row beating my best of 17 under at Rutgers. Maybe next time.

Thanks to everyone that came out to play. Chris and I finished at 3:30AM on Wednesday. I am still waiting for that elusive Ace when I am playing a round with Chris. Can't say I didn't try I had Ace run after ace run.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Disc Golf at Rutgers and Green Acres

Marijana, Ana, Cubby, Brett, and Katrina.

Headed up to Rutgers for some Disc Golf after work. We arrived at the course at 4:40AM. Joing me on the course, Ana from Croatia, Marijana from Croatia, Katrina from Slovakia and Bret from USA. We palayed one round and then I took the crew back to Point Pleasant Beach. I then headed to Green Acres for some Disc Golf with Tim, Miguel, and Tom.

Cubby, Miguel, and Tim

Starting a round at Tim's private Green Acres Disc Golf Course.

Cubby, Don, Tom, Tim, and Miguel.

Here we are at the start of the Green Acres Tag Round. Don managed to mess with my hat just before the picture was taken. Cubby won the round by two strokes taking the Green Acres number 1 tag from Don. The Monarch came close to getting the Ace a number of times.

Good Luck to Tim getting ready to compete in the 2008 PDGA Disc Golf World Championships in Michigan.

Tom's dog Spike striking the Cubby pose.

Cubby caught on a fishing hook.

After the round it was back home for a shower and then back to work.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday (Night Disc Golf) Morning at Rutgers

Closed at 2AM on Friday Morning. Since a TV crew from FOX5 in New York would be filming on the Boardwalk in the Morning I have to open the store at 5:30AM. So with 3 and a half hours between closing and opening the options are drive home and get very little if any sleep or go play a round of Disc Golf before returning to work. You guessed it, Disc Golf was the choice.

Here are some pictures of some holes in the dark enhanced by the low light capability of my new Nikon P80 Digital Camera:

Hole 9.

Hole 10.

Here are the FOX5 folks reporting at the Boardwalk this morning:

It's now 8:39AM, heading home for some sleep before coming back to work in the afternoon. I need to voice a script for Disc Golf Monthly too before coming back to work.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Super (Disc Golfer) Cubby

Anyone got some Kryptonite? I like the logo, makes for a nice t-shirt. This is what happens when you can't sleep and you are not out on the Disc Golf Course, you goof with pictures.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cubby upgrades his Camera for better Night Disc Golf Photos

I returned my Nikon L18 and upgraded to a Nikon P80. The new camera will take pictures at 10 Megapixels and is the worlds smallest digital camera with 18X zoom. It also has a great low light capability of ISO 6400 at 3 Megapixels. Looking forward to getting it out on the course. Now that I have a digital camera with manual control capability and a low light capability, I hope to tkae some cool Night Disc Golf photos.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monday Night and Tuesday Morning Disc Golf at Manalapan and Rutgers and Cubby really digs the Innova Champion Monarch. Happy Birthday to Daisy!

Headed to the Mall in Freehold so Ana and Tea could buy a Mac Notebook. After the purchase we stopped at Manalapan for 8 hioles of Disc Golf.

Ana C. and Tea M. pose with a new laptop computer.

I got a call from Chris while we were playing the last hole and we made plans to play at Rutgers after I dropped the ladies off back in Point Pleasant.

Cubby and Chris at 10:30PM at Rutgers.

The most memorable round was Chris taking Cubby in a one hole playoff.

I used the Innova Champion Monarch disc I got from Matt LaCourte for the first time and I love that disc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great addition to my bag. It ranks right up there with the Firebird and Destoyer as one of my favorite discs. It is a great straight/turnover disc. I came close to hitting the Ace with this disc many times, it put me in double digits under par round after round.

Dennis joined us before Midnight. We got in lots of rounds with Cubby and Dennnis finishing up at 5AM.

Dennis makes the putt on Hole 8.

One of the course Skunks near Hole 16.

Big John and I were going to meet up at Rutgers at 9:30AM for some rounds but I had to cancel as I was out and energy, sore, and very tired. Sorry my friend, looking forward to some rounds together real soon.

Happy Birthday to my dog Daisy turning one year old today.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday (Night Disc Golf) Morning Disc Golf at Rutgers with more International players

Lin :), Cubby, Tomek, Lukasz

Headed up to Rutgers with three more International students for some Disc Golf at Rutgers. Lin :) from Thailand, Lukasz and Tomek from Poland.

Lin :), Chris, Cubby, Tomek, and Lukasz.

After 8 holes Chris joined us and we started a new round.

Here are some pictures of the players:

Chris taking a putt.

Linn :) puts this shot in the basket on hole 18.

Lukasz ready to throw.

Tomek releases the disc.

Thanks to Chris for checking his e-mail and joining us on the course.

Lukasz finished with a 64 just 2 strokes behind Jan shooting a 62 on 14 July 2008.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cubby gets a new flying disc that is sweet!

M&M Flying Disc

Some of my crew at work headed up to New York City for some sightseeing last Monday and they picked up something for me. How sweet! That will be a wall hangar at home.

Ana C., Lukasz M., Tea M., Cubby, Jessica C, and Lin :)

What could be sweeter than getting a disc in the Sweet Shop!

I am hoping to get out to Rutgers after work tonight to play some Disc Golf with the remainder of my International students,

Thursday, July 17, 2008

CDGW gets a new digital camera

Nikon Coolpix L18

Here it is 8 Megapixels, my old camera was 7.1 megapixels. Hopefully higher quality on the video too. I need to construct a shield for my tripod to protect the camera.

Thursday (Night Disc Golf) Morning Disc Golf at Rutgers and the Excalibur does some damage

Headed up to Rutgers Disc Golf course after work on Wednesday. Got ot the course at 2:30AM on Thursday.

I hit my cameral while filming a drive. The Innova Star Excalibur on a skip shot hit my Nikon L12 Camera perfectly in the center of the lens popping it out of the camera housing killing the camera. Oh well another item for the CDGW memorabilia department.

Here is a picture of the deceased camera taken with my back-up camera, the Nikon coolpix 5600.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Bocce Ball Tuesday

Cubby, Petey, Gene, and Giovanni

Another morning of Bocce Ball at Windward Beach Park in Brick, NJ.

Here is a nice grouping thrown by Gene for four points.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday (Night Disc Golf) Morning Disc Golf at Rutgers with an International foursome

Karolina, Cubby, Jan, and Tereza

Headed up to Rutgers after work on Sunday. We arrived at the course at 2:30Am on Monday. Joining me were three more of my European University students, Karolina Szeloch from Poland, Jan Nedbal from the Czech Republic, and Tereza Manhartova from the Czech Republic. I got back home at 5:30AM just in time for a shower and back to open the store.

Here are some pictures of the European Crew in action.

Tereza makes a nice putt on Hole 18.

Jan with an approach shot on Hole 12.

Karolina lets one rip towards Hole 12.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

NJ to VA and back to NJ (Saturday Disc Golf at MacLean, VA) then back to work. I need some sleep.

Headed down to Arlington National Cemetery with my oldest daughter Jennifer, to visit Mom's grave early Saturday morning. Afterwards we headed to MacLean, VA for one round of 9 holes of Disc Golf then it was back home to shower and go to work again.

Cubby and Jenny on Hole 1 at MacLean Park Disc Golf Course.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday (Night Disc Golf) Morning at Rutgers with Team Croatia

Ana M, Cubby, Tea M, and Ana C

Headed to Rutgers Disc Golf Course after work with three of my European University Students. We arrived at Rutgers at 2AM. Joining me on the course was Ana Marijanovic, Tea Mihelcic, and Ana Culina. All three ladies come from Croatia. They all played well and it came down to the wire with Tea M and Ana C tied for first and Ana M one stroke behind. Tea M and Ana C continued on with a sudden death playoff and after six holes Ana C won. Looking forward to more Disc Golf with my Sweet Shop crew.

One of the course Skunks with the "Don't come one step closer" look.