Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Morning (Night) Disc Golf at Rutgers

Headed up to Rutgers for some Night Disc Golf after work. I figured I would video the first round and got my 295th Ace (Righty Skip Ace) on the second hole of the round. It was too dark for my digital camera to adequately capture the entire round but I included the first two holes in the video below. I also got my 296th Ace (Lefty Skip Ace). I was off the course before sunrise. Hmmmm something a vampire would do.

Cubby's 295th Ace Photo.

Cubby's 295th Ace Video.

Cubby's 296th Ace Photo.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Disc Golf at Green Acres, Bunker Hill, and Manalapan with 3 Aces from 3 different Disc Golfers, one on each course

Cubby, Tim, and Miguel.

After a long 4 days at the boardwalk for the kick-off of the summer season the rainy day today gave me the chance to get out and play Disc Golf in the afternoon after I got what I needed to get done at work today. Here we are at Tim's Green Acres Disc Golf Course. Tim had the hot round getting his 9th Ace.

Tim's 9th Ace Photo.

Tim, Cubby, Rob, and Miguel.

After the round at Tim's course we headed to Rob's Bunker Hill Disc Golf Course. It was very windy. Cubby tied the course record two rounds in a row at 5 under and made a very long duece. Miguel got his first Ace on the Cubby Defender Target. Miguel won the 18 bucks in the Ace pot and a new Innova Excalibur Disc Rob put up before the first round for an Ace. Way to go Miguel! Cubby got an object target (tree) Ace on hole 11 but played it as a duece since we did not have a real basket on the hole.

Miguel's 1st Ace Photo.

Cubby's most excellent long duece Photo.

On the way home I stopped at Manalapan Recreation Center Disc Golf Course for some rounds in the wind. I got my 294th Ace.

Cubby's 294th Ace Photo.

Cubby's 294th Ace Video.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sunday Morning (Night) Disc Golf at Rutgers on Memorial Day Weekend

Headed up to Rutgers after work for some Disc Golf. Can't believe it's been a week since I last played. Got my 293rd Ace.

Cubby's 203rd Ace Photo.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday Morning (Night Disc Golf) at Rutgers

Arrived at the course at 2AM on Sunday morning for some rounds of Disc Golf. Got a flat tire just before arriving at the course.

After changing the tire I headed to Hole 8 to tee off.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Jacqueline graduates from College

My daughter Jackie graduated today from the College of New Jersey. The outdoor ceremony was cancelled due to rain. Her indoor ceremonies were held in the Engineering Department.

A short video of the graduation.

Way to go Jackie!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

More Cubby on Disc Golf Monthly

This video features Cubby announcing for the latest weekly update from Disc Golf Monthly. This video covers Mini-Dsic Golf.

While we are on the subject of Mini Disc Golf, check out this video of Cubby and Big John playing Mini Disc Golf at Codorus State Park back in 2006 on a very windy day.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jessica graduates from College

My daughter Jessica graduated today from New Jersey City University. The ceremony was held at the IZOD Center in East Ruthford, NJ.

A short video of the graduation.

Way to go Jessica!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cubby co-hosts Disc Golf Monthly's coverage of the 2008 Virginia Team Invitational Match Play Disc Golf Tournament

Joe and Cubby in the studio.

Check out the Video Clips below to see and hear Cubby reporting on the 2008 Virginia Team Invational Match Play Disc Golf Tournament along with Joe Mela the 2001 PDGA Open Masters World Champion.

Video Clip 1 of 4.

Video Clip 2 of 4.

Video Clip 3 of 4.

Video Clip 4 of 4.

You can check out more Disc Golf Monthly videos by going to YOUTUBE and searching for "Disc Golf Monthly"

Friday, May 09, 2008

Virginia Walzer July 4, 1924 - May 9, 2008

I was admitted to the hospital May 7, 2008 (same one that my Mother-In-Law is in) for my A-FIB and was treated and released on May 8, 2008. I stayed overnight on the 8th with my MIL and I am very sad to report that she passed away early this morning. She lived with us the last 16 years and I adored her as much as my own Mother. She was a super special person and devoted her life to her family. I will miss you Mom. I could never have imagined that Nancy and I would both lose our Mom's in the same year. It's been a tough 2008.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wednesday Disc Golf at Rutgers

After staying overnight with my Mother-In-Law at the hospital, I headed to Rutgers Disc Golf Course for some exercise before going back home. I decided to leave my overstable drivers in the car and play with my mid range stabe to under stable discs. I got my 291st and 292nd Aces.

Cubby's 291st Ace Photo.

Cubby's 292nd Ace Photo.

On the way home my heart went into Atrial Fibralation. This is the 4th time it has happended to me. The first time being in the mid 1990's, and the last time in May of 2004. It is not a heart attack. AFIB is when the upper chambers of your heart beat erractically. It is the most common reason people go to the hospital. When I got home I slept hoping my heart would go back in sync on it's own, but it has not, so I will be heading to the hospital to let them get me back in sync. I had to make sure I updated the blog first :)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cubby in the studio again for Disc Golf Monthly

Headed to Levittown, PA for some studio work for Disc Golf Monthly. I had the pleasure of co- hosting with Dr. John Duesler. John has been in the sport since 1985 and he was the Tournament Director for the 2005 PDGA Pro World Championships. John has also served as the PDGA Marketing Director and is a very personable guy on and off the course. You can visit John's webpage for a variety of disc golf and non disc golf products and services at My thanks to Kevin for asking me to be involved in this production and John's patience with all of my bloopers. To see more of Disc Golf Monthly Videos go to YOUTUBE and search for Disc Golf Monthly.

For those that have Comcast On Demand and can get the Disc Golf Monthly Shows, the May show is out. I co-hosted that show with Joe Mela and I will post the YOUTUBE clips on here as soon as Kevin uploads the clips to YOUTUBE.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday at Green Acres, Bunker Hill, and DeBunker Hill Disc Golf Courses for the Battle in Jersey Disc Golf Tournament

The tag for this event was created by make really cool bag tags and even do two sided work!

After work on Saturday Night I went to the hospital and stayed overnight in the ICU with my Mother-In-Law. Visiting hours ended at 6AM so I headed for Tim's Green Acres Disc Golf Course to play the first of three courses in the much anticapated Battle of Jersey Disc Golf Tournament. This event was a ten player tournament played on 3 private Disc Golf Courses. I was feeling good for no sleep. No foursomes during this event, we played in one big heard.

Don, Cubby, Max, Rob, Tom, Tim, Mike, Jeff, and Miguel.

Here we are at the first course, Tim's Green Acres Disc Golf Course

The Cubby Disc Golf Flag on display at Green Acres.

Max, Tim, Jeff, Cubby, Don, Rob, Big John, Miguel, Tom, and Mike.

Here we are joined by Big John at Bumker Hill to play the second course.

Jeff, Mike, Max, Cubby, Don, Rob, Tom, Tim, and Miguel.

Here we are minus Big john at Max's Course for the last round of the event.

We had a nice cookout at Max's place after the event. A good time was had by all. No Aces during the tournament but Cubby came close during the 3rd round crashing the chains but just dropping out.

Here are the top three finishers:
1. Max
2. Mike
3. Cubby

It was a great event! I headed home to shower and then headed back to the hospital to stay over night again with my Mother-In-Law.

Here is a video of a compilation of pictures I took at all three courses.

On Tuesday. I will be in PA to work on a future Disc Golf Monthly Broadcast. I may play at Tyler, Tinicum, or philly after the Disc Golf Monthly taping but I will need to go back to work at 6PM to cover the rest of the night for someone and close.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Ten years of Disc Golf Aces by the hour of the day

Double Click on Chart for better viewing

Mr. Ed from Florida asked me if I had more Aces during the day or during the night which prompted me to put together this chart of my last 290 Aces by hour of the day. I guess I am just not a 9AM person :)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday Disc Golf at Bunker Hill

Headed up to Rob's Bunker Hill Disc Golf Course after work for some Disc Golf. I hit three baskets on some really cool shots but no Aces. It was nice day to play Bunker Hill.