Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day one in Virginia: A road trip report from Cubby's Disc Golf Vacation

I have internet access in my room in Virginia so I can update the blog while I am on vacation. Today was a long day. I left my house at 2:15AM Thursday morning with no sleep heading to Newport News, VA. I had to park at a rest stop near Richmond, VA during the trip down for a half hour nap.

I was the first one on the course and I got my 332nd Ace on Hole 8 at Newport News Park. It was great to be playing on one of my favorite courses, where I learned the sport.

Cubby's 332nd Ace Photo.

I met Sean on the course and he joined me for more rounds.

Sean's cousin Marc Joined us for some rounds. Sean and Marc recently relocated here from the midwest.

After Sean and Marc left the course, I got to throw some rounds with Aaron. Aaron will be competing in his first Disc Golf Tournament this weekend at the 11th Annual Fall Colrs Disc Golf Tournament.

I played until it got dark and the park closed. I left and got a room for my stay and ate at the famous Mongolian Barbecue place in Williamsburg. I know Big John loves this place. The food is great!

Tomorrow I will be Disc Golfing at New Quarter Park, the other course being used for this weekends event, and I hope to play some other area course too.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cubby goes on a Disc Golf Vacation

I will be leaving for Williamsburg, VA in the next couple of hours for my annual trek to compete in the Fall Colors Disc Golf Tournament in Newport News and Williamsburg, Virginia. I hope to start Disc Golfing just after sunrise on Thursday.

For those of you that don't know, I started my love for Disc Golf at Newport News Park back in 1998 and I won my first PDGA event at the first Fall Colors Disc Golf Tournament at Newport News Park that same year. This year will be the 11th Annual event and I try to get back to the event every year so that I can to play with old friends and new friends and reconnect with my Disc Golf roots.

Big John joined me the last two years but will not be able to make the trip this year due to an nagging injury to his right elbow. I will take my laptop with me and try to update the blog if and when I can but don't be alarmed if you don't get any updates until I am back in New Jersey. I am so looking forward to this Disc Golf getaway. I hope you all get out to your favorite Disc Golf course and play lots of rounds.

Ride the Wind, Ring the Chains!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Morning Disc Golf at Bunker Hill

Rob's home made target dressed up for Halloween.

Headed to Rob's private Bunker Hill Disc Golf Course for some rounds of Disc Golf before going to work. We got in 3 rounds. I chained out on a long drive on a well protected basket. That would have been a cool ace.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Morning Disc Golf at Green Acres

Cubby, Tim, and Miguel.

Headed to Tim E's private Green Acres Disc Golf Course Friday morning for some rounds of Disc Golf before going to work.

Cubby, Tim, Miguel, an Don.

Don with breakfast in hand joined just before the start of round 1.

Tim, Cubby, Don, Tom, and Miguel.

After 2 rounds, Tom K. joins us for one more round. We played the red tees, the course's longest layout and Cubby set a course record of 3 under par and he walked away with the #1 Green Acres Bag Tag.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

24 hours on the road and lots of rounds of Disc Golf and some Aces

I Did not Sleep Tuesday night in anticipation of a full day of Disc Golf with Karl on Wednesday. I left my house at 3:15AM on Wednesday to pick Karl up at his house. We headed towards Pennsylvania to hit a bunch of 9 hole Disc Golf courses. We stopped for breakfast before leaving New Jersey and arrived at our first course, Plain Park in Pennsylvania. This was a fun 9 hole course to play in a small park. After playing 18 holes we headed to our next course.

Here we are at Windlestrae Park. This course has Holes 1,2,3,4,11,5,6,7,8,9. This is the worst course I have ever played. The distance between holes is way, way, way, too long. When you finish Hole 9, the walk back to hole 1 is way, way, way, way, way too long. A great course was planned to be installed here but from what I understand from someone working at the park is that complaints from neighboring homes caused the layout to change to it's present terrible layout. This course in it's present form should be pulled as it will discourage new players from ever playing another round of Disc Golf. There is so much land at this park and so few holes.

Here we are in the parking lot of Branchwood Disc Golf Course, a short but fun 9 hole course. We forgot to take the customary photo at one of the baskets but managed to get this photo in as we were leaving the course.

Here we are at Unami Park Disc Golf Course. This 9 hole course was awesome! I loved the design of this course and my favorite is hole 4. What a view from the tee requiring a shot over water. Check out the pic of hole 4 below.

Hole 4 view from basket looking towards the tee. (click on image to see larger picture)

After Disc Golf we headed back to New Jersey and I dropped Karl off back at his house. Karl and I got in 118 holes of Disc Golf today. I still wanted to play more Disc Golf so I headed to Rutgers Disc Golf Course.

Here I am at Hole 15 basket for lots of solo rounds of Disc Golf. I had a blast at Rutgers playing to 2:30AM. I got 3 Aces; 1 on Wednesday Night and 2 on Wednesday morning. Ace 329 (Air Ace), Ace 330 (Lefty Skip Ace), Ace 331 (Righty Skip Ace).

Someone arranged some Osage Oranges to spell out CUBBY on Hole 16. My guess is Chris L. and Spook did it.

Cubby's 329th Ace Photo.

Cubby's 330th Ace Photo.

Cubby's 331st Ace Photo.

I got back home at 3:30 AM Wednesday morning. A total of 24 hours and 15 minutes on the road, 300+ miles driven and lots of fun Disc Golf. I usually update the blog when I get home, but this update had to wait for some sleep. Thnaks Karl for another fun road trip and for picking me up an Innova Champion Boss from Marshall Street.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Monday Night and Tuesday Morning Disc Golf at Rutgers

Headed up to Rutgers after work on Monday for some Disc Golf. Chris L and I got in one round starting at 6PM. after the round Chris had to leave for a Table Tennis event but he said he would return after Table Tennis for more Disc Golf. While Chris was away I played lots of rounds and got my 327th and 328th Aces.

Cubby's 327th Ace Photo.

One of the course Skunks looking for food.

Cubby's 328th Ace Photo.

Chris returned back to the course and we got in one more round. We finished at 2AM on Tuesday.

Daisy and Heather

Here is a picture of Daisy and Heather posted by request.

Here are some pictures that Big John took with his new Cannon EOS 40D Digital Camera. He sent them to me via E-mail. Great detail and warm vibrant colors with that camera. I can't wait to see what Disc Golf pictures will look like with that camera.

Cubby in the Sweet Shop.

Ocean view.

Surf Fishing.

Manasquan Inlet Jetty.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Who is behind the shades?

I had a special visitor at the boardwalk on Sunday afternoon along with his lovely wife Kim. He has been missing from the Disc Golf Course due to pain in his right elbow. Any guess as to who is behind the shades?

I took some photos on the beach posted below:

Fighting over food.

Surf Fishing.

The Atlantic Ocean.

The Manasquan Inlet and the rough surf.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday Night / Thursday Morning Disc Golf at Rutgers

Headed up to Rutgers Disc Golf course for a night of Disc Golf. I got to the course at 5:45 PM.

Chris H,. Cubby, Rich, and Spook Handy

Here I am with Chris H., Rich, and Spook. Chris found two discs that were picked up by students the last time I was out at Rutgers. Fortunately Chris spotted the discs between holes 17 and 18 yesterday, where the students dumped the discs. After a round, Spook left after we played Hole 9 and I got my 326 Ace 3 holes later. My first time getting an Ace with Rich and Chris H. in attendance. I scored a -14 for my first round and during the second round I had 11 birdies in a row but only finished at -14. My putting was really on including some insane long laser flat putts.

Cubby's 326th Ace Photo.

Chris H., Cubby, Rich, and Chris L.

Chris L. joined us after he finished a 7 mile run.

Sometime after midnight Chris makes a nice par on hole 11. His second shot landed in the drain pipe. His right leg is streched out down the pipe behind his disc. Nice putt Chris!

We ended up getting some extra rounds in as Chris set himself up for a challenge that took some rounds to achieve. Chris took the last round to end the long playing session around 2AM Thursday Morning.

Chris L. and I have an Ace Race going on. We have been throwing rounds together since 28 August 2007 and neither one of us has Ace'd in each others presence. Who will Ace first???? Stay tuned.

Remember to vote in November!

Here is an original song from our Disc Golf friend Spook Handy. You can check out more of Spook's music at

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sunday Night / Monday Morning Disc Golf

Headed up to Rutgers after work on Sunday for some Night Disc Golf.

Chris joined me for three rounds.
My putting was good and I shot -12, -13, and -11.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday Night / Saturday morning Disc Golf at Rutgers

Headed up to Rutgers after work on Friday for some Disc Golf.

Chris got to the course about 16 minutes after I arrived and we got in 4 rounds playing until 3AM.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Wednesday at Tyler State Park and in the studio with Matt Lacourte for Disc Golf Monthly.

I had to go to the Dentist around mid day on Wednesday for some work on a tooth and then I headed up to Tyler State Park for 27 Holes of Disc Golf.

After Disc Golf I met up with Matt LaCourte and the producer of Disc Golf Monthly, Kevin McGorry to work on next months show.

After we finished in the studio I headed to Newark Airport to pick up my daughters returning from a weeks vacation in Puerto Rico.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Monday Disc Golf at Rutgers

Headed up to Rutgers Disc Golf Course after work on Monday to throw some rounds with Chris L.

Chris H., Cubby, Rich, and Chris L.

After 3 rounds Chris H. and Rich joined us for another round.

Cubby, Spook Handy, Rich, Chris H., and Chris L.

Spook Handy joins us for another round.

After everyone left, Chris L. and I got in one more round before calling it a day. We finished up @ 10PM.

In the latter rounds I played terrible, even missing the easiest of putts. It was still fun to throw lots of rounds on a nice night.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Cubby co-hosts Disc Golf Monthly Episode 53 with Matt LaCourte for coverage of the 2008 Pittsburg Flying Disc Open Disc Golf Tournament

Matt and Cubby in the Studio for DGM Episode 53.

Check out the Video clips below for coverage of the 2008 Pittsburg Flying Disc Open Disc Golf Tournament.

DGM 53 Video clip 1 of 6.

DGM 53 Video clip 2 of 6.

DGM 53 Video Clip 3 of 6.

DGM 53 Video Clip 4 of 6.

DGM 53 Video clip 5 of 6.

DGM 53 Video clip 6 of 6.

Thanks to producer Kevin McGorry and Co-host Matt LaCourte for another great production of Disc Golf Monthly. This is a real treat for me to be involved with this production as I love the sport of Disc Golf, like you could'nt tell.

You can check out all of Kevin's Disc Golf Monthly productions on YOUTUBE. Search for Disc Golf Monthly.