Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday Disc Golf at Green Acres and Manalapan

Tim, Cubby, and Miguel.

Headed to Tim E's private Green Acres Disc Golf Course for some rounds of Disc Golf. We got in two rounds. I defended my Number 1 Tag both rounds but Miguel (Number 2 Tag) had a 4 shot lead that I had to overcome in the second round. I had some nice ace runs but still no Green Acres Ace for me. Miguel played well both rounds. Tim is recovering from rotator cuff surgery and he played a round and a half throwing lefty.

Headed to the Manalapan Recreation Center Disc Golf Course for some more rounds before heading back home. I got my 367th Ace. It was a Spip Ace with the Innova Champion Boss I got from Matt the other day.

Cubby's 367th Ace Photo.

Cubby's 367th Ace Video.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Disc Golf at Field of Dreams and Bunker Hill plus Cubby in the studio for work on DGM 61.

Headed up to the Field of Dreams Disc Golf Course in Great meadows , NJ. It was a 2 hour drive to the course but well worth it. It was a hot day getting to 90 degrees.  The last time I played this course it was a 9 hole course, it is now an 18 hole course.  The layout is great and there is a nice mix of wooded and open holes, short and long. This course has something for everyone. My hats off to all those involved for all the hardwork that went into this course. Check out the video below of my round at this course today.

Video of a round of Disc Golf at the Field of Dreams Disc Golf Course.

After playing at the Field of Dreams Course, I headed to Rob's private Bunker Hill Disc Golf Course for a round and some holes.

Matt LaCourte and Cubby in the studio for DGM 61.

After playing at Bunker Hill I headed to Pennsylvania for studio work on Disc Golf Monthly Episode 61.

After the studio work I got a couple of R-Pro Aviars from Matt as well as a Champion Boss.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday morning Disc Golf at Green Acres

Mike K., Cubby, Tim E., Tom K., Sean, Mike D., Mike R. (kneeling), Roger.
After a long day of work on Saturday, I closed the shop at 2:30 AM on Sunday and headed home.  I was in bed by 4:30 Am and up by 7 AM and on the road to Tim's private Green Acres Disc Golf Course to defend my number 1 tag.  We got in two early morning rounds.  Mike K had to leave after the first round.  Greg W. joind us later in round one.

I threw a 4 down on round 1 keeping my nmber 1 tag and successfully  defended it on ther second round with a 5 under.  After DG is was back to work.

After a long Sunday I got home form work at 1 AM Monday morning. Now the blog is updated, and I am off to sleep before going back to work.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday Disc Golf Road Trip to River's Edge, Yetter Park, Hickory Run, FE Walter Dam, Hackett's Park, South Mountain Park, and DeSales University

With no sleep,  I left the house on Tuesday morning and headed to Pennsylvania for a day of Disc Golf. I arrived at Kevin McGory's house at 4AM.

We stopped at McDonalds for breakfast and I chatted with Ronald about his trouble using the cross step on his drives. I told him to lose the big shoes and then he should have no trouble. He was all smiles.

Here we are at River's Edge Park. This is a fun 9 hole course. Nice design with elevation changes and good pin placements.

Here we are at Yetter park. I really enjoy this course. Love the layout, the length and the use of the land not to mention the crushed stones that start the fairways and surround the baskets.

Here we are at Hickory Run Park. A nice combo of fairly open holes and wooded holes using the limited elevation changes effectively and a good use of mandos.

Here we are at FE Walter Dam. This course can be tough to play on when it is wet, like it was today. Some waterproof boots or goretex socks are very helpful. This course is played over a rugged terrain with many shots required to be thrown over numerous pine trees all over the course.

Here we are at Hackett's Park. I love this course for the most part until it takes a departure from the scenic into a real rough jungle like stretch of holes from Hole 14 to 17.

Cubby and Don.
Here we are at South Mountain Park. Don joined us during the round. It was nice to meet Don and his wife. This course makes it's way around a wooded and rocky hill top. A nice layout and good use of elevation changes. The weather was getting nice and during this time of day lots of people were on the course having a great time.

Here we are at DeSales University. This course makes it's way across the campus with some nice lengths on the holes. This picture was taken after we finished the round. We were going to head home but decided to play at night in the rain with discs from Black Jax Sports. We did not finish the round as it was cold, rainy, and windy and part of the course was a bit hazardous to walk through without a flashlight.

What a long day day of Disc Golf. Seven courses and over 300 miles driven. I dropped Kevin off at his house at 11:30 PM. I was exhausted so I parked it in his driveway and slept in the car for 4 hours before heading back home.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Morning Night Disc Golf at Rutgers

Headed up to Rutgers Disc Golf Course after a busy night at work on the boardwalk on Saturday. I arrived at the course at 2:30 AM on Sunday. I took a video of a round using my Black Jax Sports Night Disc Golf Discs and matched my Rutgers Course Record of 17 under par. I also got my 366th Ace using an Axe from Black Jax Sports.

A video of a round of 18 holes using discs from Black Jax Sports.

Cubby's 366th Ace Photo.

Cubby's 366th Ace Video.

A deer I saw on the way home after Disc Golf.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love Hurts not Disc Golf.

It's a rainy Tuesday so it looks like no Disc Golf for today. I thought I would post a piece of my recent Voice Acting for your viewing and listening pleasure. I am the voices of David and the Alien in Linday McNary's production of Love Hurts.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday Morning Disc Golf at Bunker Hill.

Headed over to Rob's private Bunker Hill Disc Golf Course for some ealy morning rounds. I got in some practice holes before Rob came out of the house.

Rob and I got in 9 holes before Miguel showed up.

Cubby takes a chunk out of the siding of Rob's house with a Comet on hole 4. Rob makes temporary repairs.

Miguel stayed for the next round. Miguel took one of my course records away, worst round throwing a 65. Conditions were tough. It was cold and very windy. Rob and I played 3 more rounds after Miguel left the course. We got in a total of 90 holes on the day. Rob almost had an Ace on hole 16 when he skipped off the top of the target on his tee shot.

During the last round, I got my putter stuck way high near the top of a cedar tree. Rob tries to get the disc down by launching a pole up into the tree.

Rob made a cool chain configuration improvement for the In Step Disc Golf Target on hole 7.

After Bunker Hill, I headed to work. Later in the day, Rob sent me a text message with a picture of my putter. He got it out of the tree!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wednesday Disc Golf at Green Acres and Tyler State Park

Cubby, Tim, and Miguel

Headed up to Tim's private Green Acres Disc Golf Course for some rounds. I lost by a stroke the first round losing the number 1 tag to Miguel. I tied my course record the second round getting back the number 1 tag. Tim was throwing lefty off the tee and is doing great. Tim will be throwing left for the next 4 or 5 months as he is getting shoulder surgery in Monday.

Cubby, Josh, and Stu

After playing at Green Acres I headed over to Pennsylvania to play 27 holers at Tyler State Park. I joind up with Josh and Stu on hole 19. It was fun throwing with them and great to meet fellow Disc Golfers that follow my YOUTUBE videos.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tuesday Disc Golf at Bunker Hill.

Headed up to Rob's private Bunker Hil Disc Golf Course for a couple of rounds. I did not plan on playing today but Rob called and said he was going to take me down with his new Innova R-Pro Dart. You don't have to twist my arm to get me on the course. We got in two rounds on a very windy late afternoon. I shoot a 54 and a 52. Rob was three off the pace in the first round and more in the second. I had a nice drive each round on the funnel hole just missing the ace both times. Check out my tee shirt from Black Jax Sports.

Tonight I got a call from Miguel (He won his division recently in the 2009 Philly Open) about throwing some rounds at Green Acres in the morning. Can't wait!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Sunday Night / Monday Morning Night Disc Golf at Rutgers with Black Jax Sports Light-Up Discs.

Headed up to Rutgers Disc Golf Course after work on Sunday Night. It was a busy weekend at work on the Jersey Shore as everyone packed the boardwalk with the nice Spring weather. It was great to get out to the course after some long hours at work. Here I am with a tee shirt and Light-Up Disc Golf Disc (PinDRAGON) from Black Jax Sports. I got my 365th Ace with the PinDRAGON. During my Night Disc Golf rounds I also used the Axe (driver) and the MidKNIGHT (Mid-range) Light-Up Discs. I really like the feel of the plastic, nice and grippy with some flex. The LED liights were really bright making the discs easy to find. These Light-Up Disc Golf Discs from Black Jax Sports are awesome!

Cubby's 365th Ace Photo.

Cubby's 365th Ace Video.

I am hoping to video a round with these great discs next time I am out on the course at night.

Go to to get the great Light-Up Disc Golf Discs and other cool stuff. Tell them Cubby sent you!

Friday, April 03, 2009

Cubby hosts Disc Golf Monthly Episode 59, the 2009 Rockburn Branch Ice Bowl and Chili Cook Off.

Check out the video clips below of Disc Golf Monthly Episode 59 with Cubby behind the microphone. It's a blast being associated with Disc Golf Monthly. Thanks Kevin!!! Nice slow motion shots throughout the episode. Great charitable contributions to the Maryland Foodbank from some big hearted Disc Golfers.

DGM 59 Video Clip 1 of 3.

DGM 59 Video Clip 2 of 3.

DGM 59 Video Clip 3 of 3.

Check out more of Disc Golf Monthly at:

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wednesday Disc Golf with Black Jax Sports at Cranbury Park and Roosevelt Park

Headed up to Connecticut to meet up with Bob Ostrander (President, Black Jax Sports) and Martin Peterson (VP Marketing, Black Jax Sports). I got up to the course at Cranbury Park early and got in a round. This course has changed since I last played it and the changes are great!

Cubby, Bob, and Martin.

Here we are at Cranbury. We got a round in and headed to lunch. The nikon did not take a good picture.

Cubby, Martin, and Bob.

Here we are at Roosevelt Park. Lot's of great changes to the course since I was last here. We got in 27 holes. It was a blast throwing with Bob and Martin.

I am excited to annouce that Black Jax Sports is now my sponsor. I don't take sponsorship lightly, I have to believe in the products I endorse and I am proud to endorse Black Jax Sports products. I look forward to working with this outstanding company and sharing with you all of their great products. They have some awesome night disc golf products that I can't wait to showcase in the blog and on my YOUTUBE videos. Thanks Bob and Martin for a great day of Disc Golf and I look forward to working with your company in a common quest to shed some light on this great sport of Disc Golf.

Check out all of the great products from Black Jax Sports at: