Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesday Disc Golf on the Road

Headed over to Tyler State park Disc Golf Course in Pennsylvania. Don joined me on the course and we played three rounds of 27 holes. Lots of long holes and lots of trees, I hit my fair share of them.

Don trying to take away the Magic Disc before round 1

Stephen joins us for round 2.

Eric R. joins us for round 3.

Can you guess who is trailing by 9 strokes going into the 27th hole of the second round?

Don took the first round and Cubby took the second and we tied the third round. Who says I only play short courses?

It was a fun day!


Anonymous said...

what kinda shoes you got there boss? I'm looking for some good DG shoes.


CDGW-Cubby said...

I am glad that you asked about my shoes. The shoes I wear to play Disc Golf are the best shoes I have ever had on my feet. The Nike TENGU III MID GTX. They are very lightweight and they are made of Goretex that will keep your feet dry when playing in the rain or playing on a wet course. If I had the money I would buy 50 pairs of these shoes. I currently own 3 pairs. THis shoe is by far the best ever made. You can do a websearch to find them. here is a link to a site them sells them: