Saturday, December 09, 2006

Friday night Darts, Shuffleboard, and Bumper Pool

Big John came down to Point Pleasant and we headed over to the Broadway Bar and Grill for some Darts, Shuffleboard, and Bumper Pool action.

Big John wiped me out in darts. Here is a picture of the dartboard after out last game, Big John hit 3 bulls, what a grouping.

We played some shuffleboard too, but I did not take any pics.

We spent the most time playing Bumper Pool. Here are some pics.

Cubby taking a shot.

Cubby and a local player, Bruce after a game.

Cubby lost that game.

Big John taking a shot.

Big John and Bruce on the first shot of a game.

Disc Golf is scheduled for Sunday so I can get the Blog back on track.

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