Monday, December 04, 2006

Sunday Disc Golf

Headed up to Rutgers before sunrise for some Disc Golf with Karl. We played two rounds then headed to Manalapan.

Karl!!!! Wake-up, it's time to play Disc Golf!

We played lots of rounds on this new course at Manalapan. Karl played well, Cubby was off. No Aces to report but I did hit 3 baskets and one pole during our rounds there.

Manalapan Recreation Center Disc Golf Course

Here is a video of Cubby and Karl playing the Manalapan Disc Golf Course.

Rob, came by after lunch and joined us for some rounds, Rob just missed an Ace on 9.

Karl and I headed back to Rutgers for some more Disc Golf.

We ran into a fan of the Blog, Eric R. Eric told me he always checked out the blog when he lived in TN. Eric recently moved to NJ from TN. Eric joined us on the course and had some great shots with his firebird and was working the Roc to the basket. I look forward to more Disc Golf with Eric in the future. It's always nice to meet people that follow the blog.

After DG at Rutgers I met up with Big John and Mr. Tips for some darts and pool. Here is a Mr. Tips video of the event.

I want to say Hi to Jason S., he sent me a nice e-mail. He follows the blog and had some questions for me. Here is my video response.


Anonymous said...

Answer the damm phone! It's Big John and Eric trying to find out why your late for your dart lesson!
-Big John

CDGW-Cubby said...

He He. I am not sure who was calling when I was making the video shout out. It wasn't for me, anyone that needs to talk to me has my cell phone (Cubby's Disc Golf Hotline)number.

Anonymous said...

It's great to see you once and awhile. Even if it's on video. You look fit and trim Carl! Congrats on all your ACES and it makes me happy to see you having FUN!
Peace & Love,
Larry Entz

CDGW-Cubby said...

My dear friend Larry!!!! You have been on my mind for sometime now. I thought about you when I went down to Newport News for the Fall Colors event, wish you were there like last year. I also took out my video camera today and looked at footage I took of us playing last year in Newport News. I will make a copy of it for you. I would like to meet you in PA in the future and throw some rounds with you my friend. Will you be at Sedgley for New Years Day Disc Golf? Do you still have the same e-mail?
I am off on Tuesday's and Sundays and always up for a road trip. Not sure if you have seen Brian around, say Hi for me if you run into him.

Warm regards, Cubby