Monday, December 22, 2008

Hear more of Cubby in his latest Voice Acting production

Cubby at the Microphone.

In the link below you can hear Cubby as Hanzo in Butajin Epsiode 1.

Here is the producer's description of the production: Set in a feudal Japan not unlike our own, save for the early advent of 'modern' technology, this is the story of Eden, a young woman searching against Buta Otoko (Pig Man), the mysterious, and powerful swordsman wearing a Pig mask who killed her parents.

I did not live long in this production. Maybe I would have survived using some overstable pastic as weapons against the Pig Man.


Anonymous said...

How about a disc golf adventure?
"Harold and Kumar and Cubby go to
the Rutgers DGC"?

-Big John

CDGW-Cubby said...

You write the sript and I'll voice it.

Anonymous said...

Act 1, Scene 1: Harold, Kumar and Cubby wake up at 6 am in Eman's house.

Cubby says: "Where the xxxx am I?"