Monday, December 01, 2008

Cubby co-hosts Disc Golf Monthly Episode 55 for the 2008 Duck Golf Disc Golf Tournament

Below you will be able to click on video clips of Disc Golf Monthly Episode 55. I am joined by my co-host Matt Lacourte. I really enjoy being a part of Disc Golf Monthly.

DGM55 video clip 1 of 5.

DGM55 video clip 2 of 5.

DGM55 video clip 3 of 5.

DGM55 video clip 4 of 5.

DGM55 video clip 5 of 5.

Thanks to Matt and producr Kevin McGorry for another great production! You can go to YOUTUBE and search for Disc Golf Monthly to see more of Kevin's Disc Golf Monthly Episodes.


Robert Zurfluh said...

Excellent work as usual.

How much for him to come out and film BD DG? This way we can get "The Man - The Legend" Cubby on film. And with Cubby having found his groove, he will be a contender!

Anonymous said...

Great commentary on the Duck Golf tourney Cubby (as usual!) I look forward to viewing each DGM episode. It would have been cool to hear you and Matt discuss the ruling on the last hole regarding the picnic table. Don

Chad said...

The DGM coverage was great, i wish there was more coverage to watch. Good to hear that you got your game back! What did you think of Marshall Street? Wish i was able to come down that weekend for the tournament. I was able to play some nice courses over the Thanksgiving. One was in Northhampton, MA and the other was in Conway, MA. Both were very fun, but what course isn't. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!

CDGW-Cubby said...

Rob, Thanks! DGm at BH would be sweet. I'll talk to Kevin if we are in the studio for DGM56 on Wednesday.

Don, Thanks for the kind words my friend. Sorry we missed the chance to talk about the ruling on the picnic table shot. BTW, shot any course records recently? :)

Chad, Thanks for the kind words about DGM. Sorry I did not get to meet you up at Marshall Street. THis was my second year at marshall Street. A great course. My game was not so good that week, maybe next year. My Thanksgiving was good. Glad you got to play some other course in Mass.