Saturday, December 06, 2008

Saturday Disc Golf at Rutgers and Hickory Run for the 2008 Pre-Hibernation Doubles Tournament

Headed to Rutgers Disc Golf Course early Saturday morning for a round before heading to Karl's house. After the round I arrived at Karl's house at 4:30AM. We left for PA to compete in the 2008 Pre-Hibernation Disc Golf Doubles Tournament at Hickory Run Park.

Cubby and Karl before playing a practice round.

Everyone gathers around for the players meeting before the event. There were 42 teams registered to play, 26 teams in the Amatuer Division.

Ross, Cubby, Rick, and Karl.

Here is the group I played with during round 1 of the event. Rick has an awsome jump putt!

Ben is one of three people that got an Ace during the first round. Here he is with his Ace Disc. It was his first Ace, a long Skip Ace.

Cubby and Karl led the Amatuer Divison by one sroke after the first round.

Karl, Cubby, Victor, and Ryan.

Here is the group I played with during round 2 of the event.

Ryan pictured with his Ace Disc. He got his first Ace during round 1.

After the second round Cubby and Karl ended up tied for first place in the Amatuer Divsion.

Karl, Cubby, Carner, and Curtis.

We played a sudden death playoff. During the first hole of the playoff, Cubby called a falling putt violation on the other team and during the do over they missed the putt for a three. Cubby made the putt for his team for the 3. Cubby and Karl prevailed in the playoff. I felt bad that the playoff ended that way, I was pulling for the other team to make the do over putt. The other team displayed great sportsmanship and class over the ruling.

Here is an excerpt from the Professional Disc Golf Association as it pertains to a falling putt:

803.04 Stance, Subsequent to Teeing Off
A. When the disc is released, a player must: (1) Have at least one supporting point that is in contact with the playing surface on the line of play and within 30 centimeters directly behind the marker disc (except as specified in 803.04 E); and, (2) have no supporting point contact with the marker disc or any object closer to the hole than the rear edge of the marker disc; and, (3) have all of his or her supporting points in-bounds.

B. Stepping past the marker disc is permitted after the disc is released, except when putting within 10 meters.

C. Any throw from within 10 meters or less, as measured from the rear of the marker disc to the base of the hole, is considered a putt. A follow-through after a putt that causes the thrower to make any supporting point contact closer to the hole than the rear edge of the marker disc constitutes a falling putt and is considered a stance violation . The player must demonstrate full control of balance before advancing toward the hole.

Brian stopped by to say hello and thanked me for all of my YOUTUBE vidoes. He asked me to autograph a Champion Boss. It was great chatting with Brian and an honor to sign his disc. I look forward to throwing some rounds with Brian in the future.

It was a real treat to chat with so many Disc Golfers today about my work on Disc Golf Monthly, my YOUTUBE videos, and my Blog. It is really inspirational to get so much positive feedback from so many nice people.

I also want to Thank Bob Z. and Mike S. as well as the rest of the Bearclaws Disc Golf Club for putting on a great event.


Robert Zurfluh said...

Question for the rules czar....

How far away where they? How did you determine it was less than 10 meters?
What would happen if they challenge your call....would you have to ask an official to measure the exact distance? What would a practical solution be.....let's say if they were 9.5 meters from the basket?

Congrats on your victory. Is Karl coming next week?

CDGW-Cubby said...

Rob, Great question, it was obvious that they were within 10 meters. That was not even questioned. If it was close requiring a measurement and we had no way to measure, I would have just paced it out as my shoe is 12 inches long and 10 meters is 32.81 feet. I would have used 32 steps as my measuring criteria giving the .81 feet as a grace distance.

The only question the other team raised is that they said the disc came to rest in the basket. But if you read the rule, that does not factor into the call.

Karl can't make it as he is going up North to visit his Dad.

mag said...

Congrats to the Cubby/Karl many Epics did he throw...????...mag