Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Disc Golf at Rutgers and some $,$$$

Big John checks out my new Nike Shoes.

Headed to Rutgers Disc Golf Course for some Disc Golf with Big John. John's right elbow is injured and he can't play right handed so he enrolled in the Cubby School of throwing left handed when you are a right handed player.

A closer look at my new Nike footwear.

We played 4 rounds, throwing every shot left handed. Big John just missed a lefty Ace. My rounds were: -3, +1, -5, and -3. My left shoulder was sore after 72 holes but it was great for me to throw that many lefty shots. I usually only throw lefty when the shot dictates. After today I have more confidence to throw lefty more often than I usually throw during a round.

Big John did well throwing lefty for the first time and to be able to throw that way for 4 rounds was impressive! Hopefully we will see John back out on the course now that he found an alternate way to play.

Here I am with the Pirarella and Murray families. They had a great time out on the course. I hope to throw some rounds with them real soon.

Chris joined us for a couple of rounds.

Sadly, we stumbled upon one of the course Hawks. Not sure why this bird died.

Before I left the course I got to chat with Tom. He just started playing Disc Golf in September. I have seen him on the course before but not yet had the pleasure of throwing some rounds with him. I can tell he is really into Disc Golf so I know you will be seeing Tom on the Blog in the future.

When I got home I was excited to see a check waiting for me for my first Voice Acting Paid Job. It was a 4 figure check! Sweet. I am now changing my status from Amatuer to Professional Voice Actor.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cubby long time no see, glad to see you out playing with Big John again. Impressive with the near Ace left-handed! Have a safe and happy New Years.