Thursday, May 24, 2012

Disc Golf, Pizza, Disc Golf

Played Disc Golf at Rutgers with my grandson Austin. His first time being with me for a rutgers Ace.

We stopped for some delicious pizza in Englishtown.

After pizza we played Disc Golf at Manalapan and I got my second Ace on the day. No chains involved. A high sweeping cut shot.

Austin had a blast at the playground afterwards.

It was a great day out with Austin.


Mozingo said...

Man am i glad to see my fav disc golfer still doing his thing. We need more videos!!!!!!! But having two grandkids i know your probaly busy very busy. Best of luck to you!!!!

disc-golfer#1 said...

Cool blog. Good to see people getting family members involved in this great sport. I want to get my parents to play more disc golf and other family and friends soon. Hopefully this snow will melt soon. Michigan weather is extreme sometimes. Have you ever payed at a course in Michigan?