Thursday, October 01, 2009

Thursday Disc Golf at Rutgers

After work on Thursday I headed up to the Rutgers Disc Golf Course for some rounds of Disc Golf. When I got to the 18th hole during my first round, I noticed a car parked on the circle near the left side of the tree that hides 18's basket. I put my bag on the tee sign and walked to the vehicle to ask the young lady if she could move the vehicle showing her my yelow firebird and explaining that I was going to throw the disc to the adjacent basket and her car might be in the way. She moved the vehicle to the other side of the circle and I walked back to the tee. I took the yellow firebird that I had carried down to her car and threw it lefty and made a nice skip shot for my 401st Ace. She waved to me from her car in approval. A pretty cool Ace for sure. That would have been cool to capture that all on video. On the next round I missed the Ace on Hole 9 when my disc bounced out of the basket. I continued to play until it got dark and then I headed home.

Cubby's 401st Ace Photo.


Brandon said...

Thats such a cool story cubby. An such an awesome ace. Nice job.

mag said...

I thought your tweet said you weren't going..? ...well it was worth your time, Tim, Tom and I shot a fun round of Bules at GA until dark...congrats on your Ace....mag

mr ed,fl said...

hey now,congrats on your Ace.So now,the second leg of 400 begins anew.This round might take longer since your sports adventures are three fold;disc golf,ball golf,bocciBall.Hit chains,Peace.

discgolfuniverse said...

Hey Cubby,

401!!!!! I can't believe it. Fantastic.

Have a new blog running.

Check it out. Rounds videos, Product Reviews.



mr ed,fl said...

hey now,great first day coverage of the USDGC at Winthrop.Internet acceptable after some problems,but they were ironed out.Next four days starting around noon & 1pm.Sign on and catch history for our sport.hit/hear chains